Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon

Held the first Sunday in May, the club participates in the Flying Pig  Marathon in a couple of ways.  If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Club Fluid Station – For the last 15 years, the Club has a Flying Pig Fluid Station
    at mile 22. It is our largest volunteer opportunity of the
    year. We need about 40 volunteers. so please volunteer today. Volunteers
    receive a free t-shirt courtesy of the pig, free food and drink at the
    waterstop, the chance to socialize with other members in a relaxed
    informal setting, and the free entertainment value of watching the Mile
    22 Fluid Station Captain freak out over what happens every year. The
    2008 waterstop dealt with fire, 2009 dealt with no uplifting
    music(Social Distortion is the last thing you want to hear at mile 22)
    until the marathon unexpectedly came through with the DJ, 2010 dealt
    with rain and flooding, 2011 dealt with being struck by lightning. If you’re running the full marathon, ask family, friends and coworkers to catch you at “Your water stop – Mile 22” or if
    you enjoy to watch people suffer, mile 22 is definitely the place to be.  We start looking for volunteers around March for the Flying Pig Marathon
  • Piggest Raffle Ever –  The Runners’ Club of Greater Cincinnati participates in the Piggest
    Raffle Ever with the Flying Pig Marathon. You can adopt a pig for $5
    for a chance to to win a 2 year lease on a Toyota Prius, $10,000 Cash ($5,000 to the
    winning ticket holder and $5,000 to the charity who sold the ticket)
    or  a $1500 Cincinnati experience on behalf of the club.   To help out, select
    Runners’ Club of Greater Cincinnati as the charity at  when you adopt a pig and the club gets a portion of the proceeds.  The Piggest Raffle Ever opens in January for the club.  Adopt A Pig.
  • Running in the Pig – In addition to volunteering, quite a few members of our club run in the Flying Pig Marathon.  Here is a list that participated in 2017:



Jeff Allen Mark Jepson
Mohamed Banoun David Lasse
Jennifer Black Jerry Patton
Lowell Clark Ramadurai Ram
Cindy Cranmer Ryan Sakemiller
Nurys Diaz Jean Schmidt
Mary Alice Gruden Tamara Smith
Melissa Heaton Arden Wander
Wayne Hinaman Nancy Zadek
Martin Hovey


Tammy Alverson Krista Moeller
Donna Anderson Jerry Muskal
Matthew Behrensmeyer Gary Payne
Barbara Ellwein Leanne Ray
Mike Fremont Christine Romani
Bob Fritz Carrie Schneider
Richard Gabbour Caroline Siderits
Jenny Garrity Jason Smith
John Garrity Liz Snyder
Mark Guttman Larry Starr
Kila Hanrahan Lap Tran
Sheena Harrell Cynthia Wallace
Melissa Hendrix Dianne Webber
Stacey Herdering Rich Webber
Kelly Hiltibrand Leah Weitzman
Paul Long Ryan Woolley
Gina Meyers Elisa Wright