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December 6, 2007
(at Clifton Recreation Center, Clifton and McAlpin Avenues, Clifton)

Members Present: Tom Glasscock, Todd Hofacre, Ed Hunter, Lonnie Smith, Peter Wayte

Membership: Todd will be turning over to Rob Moyer duties of membership by the beginning of the year. One possible option to increase membership: if a member brings in a new member, both will receive a t-shirt. The Board agrees that the Club needs to "get younger."

Newsletter: Articles for the next issue are due by January 15. The upcoming issue will include the Holiday-in-Lights Run, the Christmas party, Valentines Race, and Runner of the Month: Laura Booke, who at age 70 qualified for Boston (at the 2007 Columbus Marathon). We may also include a press release from RRCA about their 2008 convention being in Cincinnati.

Website: Todd will ask Marty to add an on-line volunteer form to the website. He will provide Marty with a list of upcoming events so members can volunteer on-line for particular activities (e.g., to help at the upcoming RRCA convention).

2008 Flying Pig Marathon (May 4) Update: The Marathon Committee emailed the Club in early November indicating they assume we will man the mile 22 water stop again this year unless we tell them otherwise. We will try to get volunteers from St. Henry High School; they provided 20 people for the 2007 marathon (we paid them $100). Equipment problems for 2007 marathon: (1) our Gatorade jug had a leaky spigot; Ed fixed it with a rubber stopper; (2) the supply warehouse ran out of rubber gloves after only 1-2 hours; Ed purchased some for our water stop; (3) the hose nozzle we were given was defective and of no use at the water stop.

RRCA Convention Update: Lonnie met today with Stephanie Mileham, Event Manager for the Flying Pig Marathon. She needs 5 Club volunteers from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. each day Wednesday through Saturday (April 30 - May 3). Volunteers will help with registration and greeting. The RRCA convention will be at the Millennium Hotel (141 W 6th Street, downtown). RRCA expects about 200-300 attendees. Their national championship race for 2008 will be the Flying Pig 5 K on May 3. They want to hold a fun run on Thursday morning (May 1); the Club probably will be asked to assist (course to be determined). RRCA will have a cocktail party and reception at McFadden's (19 E 7th Street, downtown; date and time to be determined). The convention will include a banquet.

Holiday-in-Lights Run (Monday, December 17, 2007, 6:30 p.m., starting and ending at the Williams YMCA; note date change): The date was changed due to a conflict at O'Bryons Irish Pub (cross-town shoot-out December 12). As a result, O'Bryons will give us 100 free chicken wings. The date change will be noted on our website. Jeff and Todd will be at Fountain Square to drive runners who do not wish to run from there back to the Williams YMCA.

Christmas Party (Saturday, January 5, 2008): Linda Jeanmougin has reserved the party room at the Central Park condo complex, the site for last year's party. The Board will help with set up before the party. Linda will need 3 or 4 people to help with clean up afterward. Linda also will need some folding tables and chairs. Members should RSVP to Linda by December 31.

Scholarships: The Kicks-for-Kids Foundation currently has no problem with the Cincinnati Scholarship Foundation in selecting scholarship candidates in 2008. K4K accepted the selection criteria established previously by RCGC. Todd will contact K4K to find out how actively K4K wants to be involved with such matters as reviewing applications and letters of recommendation. If K4K and the Club wish to present two scholarships in May 2008, they (or RCGC) need to inform the CSF as soon as possible so that the CSF can get relevant information out to area high schools.

Heart Mini-marathon (Sunday, March 30, 2008): It is unlikely that the club will help with the bag stuffing this year. The AHA person who previously coordinated this activity has left the Cincinnati AHA chapter. As a result, it is not clear whether we will have a booth at the pre-race expo. Someone from the RCGC Board should call AHA about how we could arrange for a booth. Jeff or Todd will call the Westin in early January to reserve a hospitality suite.

Nominations and Election Process: The Club has not held nominations and elections for Board positions for several years. Todd will prepare an article on this matter for the next newsletter issue. We will try to obtain nominations
for Club offices by March 1, 2008. We will see what sort of response we get from the membership and then decide what to do.

Thanksgiving Day Race Recap: We took care of about 100 running gear bags at the Club tent. The runners who left bags greatly appreciated this service.

Upcoming Races:
(1) Reindeer Romp 5K, Crosby Township, December 8, 2007, 8:30 a.m.: Todd, Tom, Linda Jeanmougin, and Kim Noble will help with timing and at the finish line. The Club will get $50 plus $1 dollar for each runner that runs.
(2) Valentines Day Race, 2 miles, NKU, February 10, 2008, 12 noon: Todd recently met with Nick Kleiner and Steve Kruse (NKU) to discuss the race. NKU will manage registration. We will handle the finish line and results. Couple awards will be skull caps like last year but a different color, most likely red and white. Overall awards are to be determined. The race will have an eating contest and possibly a costume contest (no kissing contest). Flyers should be available at the Frostbite Five Race on January 1 in Fort Thomas, KY. Costs: pre-registration: $16/person ($14 for students); race-day registration: $20/person.
(3) Leap Day Race, 4K (~2.5 miles), proposed for Friday night, February 29, 2008: Mt. Airy Forest would charge us $450 to reserve a shelter with indoor lights for a Friday night and we would need to use their catering service. Todd is looking for another location. He will contact the running club at Xavier University to see if they would be willing to help out.
(4) Memorial Day Race 5K, possibly Monday, May 26, 2008: It is expected that the Kicks for Kids Foundation will conduct a 5K race on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend (May 24, 2008). We will consider holding a separate race somewhere on Memorial Day. Armleder Park (near Lunken Airport) is a possible location unless something else comes up.

Next Board Meeting: Saturday, January 5, 2008, 6:00 p.m., before the Christmas party at Linda's condo party room. We also will help set up for the party.

Respectfully submitted,
Ed Hunter, Secretary