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December 4, 2012 – 7:00 PM
Potbelly – Rookwood Plaza, Cincinnati, OH

Present: Gina Meyers, Todd Hofacre, Ryan Smith, Tom Glasscock, Ryan Woolley

Guest: Rebecca Homan

Absent: Jascia Redwine
Meeting came to order at 7:10 PM.

Meeting Minutes: The November minutes to be approved (as submitted by Gina) were motioned by Ryan Woolley and Tom Glasscock seconded. The motion was approved.

Financial Report: Ryan Woolley reported that we have $14, 990.27 in the bank. There are no outstanding checks, thanks largely to the new use of debit cards on the account. Gina made a deposit into the account from the Turkey Burner Race. Some paperwork still needs to be taken into 5/3 Bank for the savings account.

Scholarship: $1000 total for scholarships was agreed upon, plus the fee for Cincinnati Scholarship Foundation – giving a grand total of $1200. The $1000 will be split into 2, $500 scholarships.

Equipment: Gina received a quote from Alzatex, Inc. For a 10 inch double sided clock, it will cost $4779.95 and it does not include a case. Because the clock is double sided, it requires a hard case, which costs approximately $900. A 6 inch double sided clock will cost $2891.00 and does not include a case. A 10 inch single sided clock was quoted at $2626.95. Gina will be seeking a quote from Electro-Numerics. Purchasing a clock is going to be rolled over to 2013.

Membership Update: We’re still sitting at 146 members. The new membership dues will take effect after February 1, 2013. Before February 1, members can renew at the old rate. The new rates are as follows: Individual - $25/ 1 year or $45/ 2 years; Family - $40/ 1 year or $75/ 2 years; Student - $20/ 1 year or $35/ 2 years.

Newsletter: The current newsletter is done and was sent to the printer. We are in search of a new newsletter editor. The goal for the next newsletter to be sent out is February 2013. We are asking all articles to be sent in by Feb. 10. Cindy Kramer is our featured runner for the next newsletter.

Website: Group runs were added to the website through February. Ryan Smith also added them on We have 70 followers on the Facebook page and 733 members in the Facebook group.


Holiday in Lights Run & Annual Holiday Party – December 12th


Turkey Burner 5K – Recap

Winter Wonderland 5K – January 26, 2013

Labor of Love 5K – February 10, 2013 at NKU

Races & Events for 2013: Gina attached a tentative schedule of races & events to the minutes from the last meeting. There were 11 races/events listed. She asked that at the next meeting we come up with a finalized plan and stick to it. There was discussion about removing the Winter Wonderland 5K from the 2014 slot, as well as the End of Summer Miles Series and Turkey Burner Race from 2013. Rebecca suggested a race to benefit military families in the area. She suggested a 5K in September and will work on getting some more details together for the next meeting. Ryan addressed some possible Race Directing opportunities: Dogwood Dash in Burlington, Mount St. Joe athletic department in March, and the Right to Life group in Anderson in November. We discussed possibly setting up a table at the Heart Mini Expo or a table on Fountain Square on race day, in addition to the suite at the Westin. There was also discussion of partnering with a running store for the Heart Mini (ie The Running Spot, Tri-State Running Co.) and even a sporting goods store like Dick’s or REI. This list will be finalized at the January meeting.

Group Runs: Discussion was made about postponing the Friday Lunch Runs until the Spring. The only group run that has members showing up consistently is the Sunday Morning trail run, with 5-6 consistent members. Rebecca reported no one showing up to the Wednesday night Hyde Park group run.

Merchandising: It was suggested that we put a post on the Facebook page, in the Facebook group, and on the website about our items for Christmas gifts. We also discussed setting up a merchandise table at the Winter Wonderland 5K and the Labor of Love race. We briefly discussed what the big item to get for next year would be (shirt, bag, hat, etc.). We also discussed getting smaller SWAG for everyone who visits our booth at the Pig Expo (tattoos, pens, chapstick).

Next Board Meeting: Tuesday, January 15, 2013 at 7:00 PM at Potbelly’s – Rookwood, Norwood, OH.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:33 PM.
Rebecca Homan