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December 3, 2009
Clifton Recreation Center, Cincinnati OH

Present: Todd Hofacre, Ryan Woolley, Tom Glasscock

Meeting came to order at 6:45 PM.

Financial Report: Bank balance as of November 30 is $7642.07. Ryan presented the 2010 Budget. Board suggested a few changes. After Ryan makes changes, board will vote at next meeting. Still need to cut the check to the UC Running Club for the Great Bearcat Run. Todd’s expenses for November reviewed and approved. Largest expense was printing the Holiday 2009 newsletter.

Membership: Todd proposed that we eliminate the volunteer requirement for a discounted membership and make dues $20 for an individual and $25 by family. Discussed and board will vote at future meeting. Biggest issue is when to make it take effect and what should we give volunteers for the efforts in addition to the shirt.

Newsletter: Discussed feature runner for next issue. Articles due January 11 for next issue.

Website: Bill for website hosting is due this month. Todd talked about Google Adsense on the blog.

Holiday in Lights Run – December 8: Tom says everything is on track. Todd will serve as a sleigh driver. Discussed charging nonmembers a fee to participate.

Holiday Party – January 9: Todd reserved the Swaim Park Lodge for the Holiday Party.

Race Reports:

Valentine’s Day Race: Todd talked with Steve Kruse about race details. Once again the club will split the race profit with NKU Cross Country Team 50-50. Budget for race will be discussed at next meeting.

Heart Mini-Marathon – March 28: Nothing new to report. Need a volunteer willing to direct the club effort of the race.

Crosstown Run: Laura Wagner absent from meeting so nothing to report.

Flying Pig Marathon – May 2: Kickoff Meeting for the Flying Pig Marathon will be December 15. Todd plans to attend as the club representative and find out what’s new for 2010.

Group Runs: The Wednesday Group Run is at the Hyde Park Square. Attendance the last two weeks is down considerably from before Thanksgiving. Sunday Run at the Koka Coffee Lounge in Mount Adams.

Programs/Seminars: Nothing new to report. Todd is currently developing a possible list of speakers

Training Program: Todd is looking into locations for the training program for the Valentine’s Day Race. One possibility is Northern Kentucky University which has an indoor track. Todd will check into it further.

Next Board Meeting: January 7, 2010 at 6:30 PM at Clifton Recreation Center.

Meeting adjourned at 8:06 PM.

Respectfully Submitted
Ryan Woolley, Treasurer