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November 5, 2009
Clifton Recreation Center, Cincinnati OH

Present: Todd Hofacre, Laura Wagner, Ryan Woolley

Meeting came to order at 6:45 PM.

Meeting Minutes: October Meeting Minutes approved.

Financial Report: Reviewed the P & L for the Dressed to the Nines on 9-9-09. Ryan will have the 2010 Budget ready for the December Board Meeting. Todd’s expenses for September and October reviewed and approved. Largest expense was renewing Constant Contact.

Membership: Nothing new to report

Newsletter: Newsletter delayed a couple of weeks so the Great Bearcat Run can be included in it. Newsletter should be out by Thanksgiving

Website: Todd renewed the domain name for the next 5 years in October. Club currently uses at least 3 domains for people to find us. Todd also renewed Constant Contact the club’s mass email provider.

Holiday in Lights Run – December 8: Tom says everything is on track. Currently looking for sleigh drivers aka cars to take runners back to the Y who either do not or can not run the entire route.

Holiday Party – January 9: Todd reserved the Swaim Park Lodge for the Holiday Party for January 9.

Race Reports:

Great Bearcat Run Recap: Lost 158.25 on the race due to less than expected raceday registration and ordering too many t-shirts. Board discussed ways to improve turnout like later date in November, moving the race to the spring going to long sleeve t-shirts, or adding a charity.

Valentine’s Day Race: Todd will talk with Steve Kruse about race details after NKU’s Cross Country season ends. Discussed adding a few additional race categories.

Heart Mini-Marathon – March 28: Nothing new to report. Need a volunteer willing to direct the club effort of the race.

Crosstown Run: Laura is currently working on logistics for the run.

Flying Pig Marathon – May 2: Kickoff Meeting for the Flying Pig Marathon will be either late November or early December. Todd plans to attend as the club representative and find out what’s new for 2010.

Group Runs: The Wednesday Group Run is at the Hyde Park Square. Attendance has picked up in October for the Wednesday Group Run. Sunday Group Run at the Koka Coffee Lounge in Mount Adams about the same.

Programs/Seminars: Nothing new to report. Todd is currently developing a possible list of speakers

Training Program: Club member Gina Myers has offered to put together a program for the Valentine’s Day Program. Laura offered to help. Club will look at possible venues to host it.

Next Board Meeting: January 7, 2010 at 6:30 PM at Clifton Recreation Center.

Meeting adjourned at 7:56 PM.

Respectfully Submitted
Ryan Woolley, Treasurer