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Clifton Recreation Center, Cincinnati OH
November 4, 2010 7:00 PM

Present: Todd Hofacre, Laura Wagner, Tom Glasscock, Gina Meyers

Meeting came to order at 7:00 PM.

Meeting Minutes: Approved from July 1, 2010

Financial Report: Todd reported a club balance of $8,576.00 with no outstanding checks. Todd and Ryan need
to meet to go over the 2011 budget. Todd went over club expenses for the months of September and October, which was approved by the board. The club’s largest expense was the Hang 10 race at a cost of about $592.00. Todd reviewed the 2010 budget and noted that revenue was up the first 6 months of the year about $3,600.00, and at the end of 2010 will be up approximately $2,500.00 from the previous year. For 2011, income and merchandising will likely increase, as well as website costs.

Membership: The club has approximately 155 members currently. The board members discussed the idea of having a membership referral program for 2011, and decided that there will no longer be a volunteer option on the signup and renewal form beginning March 1, 2011. The referral program would either include a free membership if you get five additional people to sign up, or one free race entry. The volunteer discount will most likely be replaced with a reward card or other discounts. Dues for 2011 after March 1, 2011 will be $20.00 for a single membership and $25.00 per family.

Newsletter: More articles are needed for the newsletter. The club would like to have Cindy Moore as the featured runner. Todd will try to send the newsletter out the week after Thanksgiving.

Website: Domain names are due in February. Todd will need to renew the clubs current domains, and would like to add .org. (, since we are a non-profit organization. The club’s Facebook group currently has 408 members, and Twitter has about 150 members.

Social: Run @ Work Day Recap: This event was held at Mt. Airy Forest on Friday, September 17th. Only five people attended the run, which was the same attendance as last year. The board discussed hosting the run earlier in the day next year or moving it to the evening before.

Holiday in Lights Run: This run will be held on Tuesday, December 14th. Laura will work on getting the details. Run starts from the Williams YMCA at 6:30 PM, and will end with a post-race party at O’Bryon’s Pub. Todd will be one sleigh driver this year.

Hood-to-Coast Movie – January 11: Todd was contacted by Anna Campbell, a producer for this documentary, to see if the club was interested in participating in their one-night special event on January 11, 2011. The film will be at local movie theatres and accompanied by a panel of expert runners, including some from the film. Todd will follow up with Anna to see how our club can get involved, for further details about the film, and location information.

Midsummer Night Trail Run – recap: This 5-mile run was held Tuesday, August 10th at Mt. Airy Forest. The original person planning this race moved out of the area, and the original application to was lost by the Cincinnati Park Board. This issue delayed promotion of the race and raised office expenses. Only 30 people signed up for the run, which was lower than expected. Also, a few volunteers who had signed up did not show and registration at the event opened about 30 minutes late. Todd was unable to try new race software for this event, and since we did not have the club’s big race clock, we used one of Greg McCormick’s clocks. Only 10 shirts were purchased, leaving 30 left over. The club’s plan for 2011 is to have race day-only registration with no t-shirt option. The club’s overall loss on the race was $330.00.

The Hang 10 on 10-10-10 – recap: The club’s net revenue was $456.00, as one cash sponsor contributed $300.00 for the event. Race day registration is usually 1/3 of preregistered, but was somewhat less than expected this year. There were 21 people who signed up race day, with 76 pre-registered participants. Due to computer problems, new race software (Run Score) was not used, and Todd had difficulty with shelter reservation. Todd reported that the volunteers for the event did a great job and were very flexible in their roles. Todd also reported that almost all of the bases for the chutes that he dropped off the night before the race were gone by the next morning. For next year, the club would like to get different rewards, add another water stop to the course, and get the results posted on the web sooner after the race.

St. Martin of Tours 5k Run – recap: The club helped with timing the event, and received $200.00.

Perfetti Van Melle Health Fair – recap: Todd represented the club and gave out information at this event, and promoted the Valentine’s Day Race. Todd noted that about half in attendance were runners.

Great Bearcat Run: We will probably not be doing this event since our partner, the UC running club, has decided to go in a different direction versus doing a race.

Thanksgiving Day Race: There will be no club involvement with the race this year. The group run for the next two Sundays leading up to the race will be held at 8:30 AM at Paul Brown Stadium to run the actual race course.

Winter Wonderland Race & 2011 Races: Since 2011 will be the club’s 35th year anniversary, Todd would like to bring back races from previous years, including a 5-mile Winter Wonderland run to be held in January. The club may also join up with the Cincinnati Park Board for a late January 5k at Oakridge in Mt. Airy Forest. Laura will follow up with her boss and work on getting details for a date and location, and to see if the club may be able to get a sponsorship.

Valentine’s Day Race – February 13: Todd put together several budgets based on how many runners we could expect to get in 2011. The budget proposals for 200-350 runners were adjusted and refigured based on the number of preregistered runners. The club would like to secure more sponsors for this year’s event, and may try a different online pre-registration provider other than

Race Committees: The club still needs committees for all 2011 races, especially the ones coming up in May and June. According to the 2010 membership registration, 8 people indicated interest in serving on a race committee. Todd will follow up with them, and set up a meeting to get their ideas and move forward with planning these events.

Group Runs: The runs for November 7th & 14th were moved to Paul Brown Stadium to follow the Thanksgiving Day race course. The November 21st and 28th runs will move to “Its Just Crepes.” The Wednesday night group runs will remain unchanged – to be held at Hyde Park Square at 6:30 PM.

RRCA: Nothing new to report.

Programs/Seminars: Laura will check with her sister who is a dietician to see if she is interested in scheduling a seminar. It may be possible for the club to secure Swaim Park Lodge on a Monday or Tuesday evening for any programs or seminars the club would like to host.

Merchandising: Todd may look in to getting an online store for club merchandise. Todd is looking at long-sleeve dry fit shirts for 2011.

Miscellaneous: Nothing else new to report.

Next Board Meeting: To be held December 7, 2010 at 7:00 PM at Clifton Rec. Center.

Meeting adjourned at 8:40 PM.
Submitted By
Gina Meyers, Secretary