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October 2, 2008
Clifton Recreation Center, Cincinnati OH

Present: Todd Hofacre, Ed Hunter, Ryan Wooley, Lonnie Smith, Monica Kohler Krebs

Meeting Minutes: 07.30.08 minutes reviewed, Lonnie moved to approve without changes; board approved

Membership: current membership stands at ~ 130; May have a person in line to take over membership.

Newsletter: Articles for the next newsletter are due 10.10.08.Featured runner is Nancy Zadek. Discussed possibility of adding additional features like a cartoon. Todd has been in discussion with a cartoonist. All agreed to review the website and discuss again at next meeting

Website: is current. Blog not recently updated due to power outages


Summer Picnic – 15-20 attendees, 4-5 of which were new members; weather was good and then rain came; Looking at changing the time to earlier in the afternoon

RRCA Run@Work Day – was Sept 19 with the the UC Running Club. 10-20 ran.

Holiday in Lights Run – planned for 6pm Mon, Dec 8 or Tues, Dec 9; more information to follow

Holiday Party - Perhaps early January to avoid the holiday rush; TBD


Race Equipment/Race Management: the club has been loaning our equipment free of charge; Todd proposed a new policy of rental fees for equipment. This was reviewed and approved by the board. This policy also includes an adjustment of the race management/timing fees to take effect January 1, 2009.

Crazy 8 Run Recap: ~50 runners participated; P&L report handed around, the club broke even on this race; recommendations for better budgeting were discussed

Great Bearcat Run – November 9: Todd will be meeting with Adam, UCRC president, every Monday to continue planning; most recent checklist was passed around; goal is 100 runners; this race will be sponsored by Roncker’s; one more volunteer is needed Sat, Nov 8th for packet pick-up from 1-4 at The Running Spot

Run Like Hell – October 24: RCGC plans to participate in this race; TBD

Thanksgiving Day Race: Have not heard from Julie Isphording regarding RCGC plans to participate in this race; Club’s role is TBD as primary person may be out of town.

Brewery Run: Another person is attempting to revive this race; Since it was originally a club race, the club is looking at options the club has protecting the race. Todd will contact Dave Nelson to discuss.

Group Runs: currently 3: Hyde Park, Delhi and Clifton.

Miscellaneous: RCGC received thank you notes from Kicks for Kids scholarship recipients Kyle Schenkel and Blair Wissinger. The board discussed continued contribution to this fund. No other questions from board members.

Next Board Meeting: 6:30pm Nov 6th at the Clifton Recreation Center.

Respectfully submitted,
Ed Hunter, Secretary