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October 2, 2005
(at Bob Roncker's Running Spot)

Members Present: Todd Hofacre, Ed Hunter, Nick Kleiner, Mike Moyer, Kate Rich, Carl Rich

Newsletter: The next issue will come out in November. New articles should be sent to Amy as soon as possible.

Next Club Happy Hour: The Board selected Wednesday, November 2 or Wednesday, November 9 as tentative dates. Mike will call the Southgate House and the Beer Cellar, both in Newport, to check on costs for food and beverages. The site will be announced in a mass emailing.

Holiday Lights Run: (Tuesday, December 6, 2005, starting and ending at the Williams YMCA) This year's route may need to avoid Fountain Square (as a rest stop and as a meeting place for those wanting rides back to the Y) because of the current construction project at Fountain Square. (This project is expected to be completed around September 2006.) An alternate site should be considered. Kate will check with Tom on arrangements made to date. Regarding refreshments, Carl will call the Brickhouse (formerly Charming Billy's formerly, the Brickyard) to see if we could reserve an upstairs room for about 50 people. He will check on costs for one half-barrel of beer and appetizers. Carl also will check on the availability of O'Bryons and anticipated costs there.

Holiday Party: (Saturday, January 7, 2006, at the Fort Thomas Community Center, same location as last year) Jeff has agreed to set up a music system. Todd will send out post card reminder/invitations to the membership in early December. Members will be able to RSVP on the website. The Board agreed that costs should be $15.00 per person if the RSVP is postmarked by December 31, 2005. After January 1, the cost will be $20.00 per person. Mike will call the caterer we used last year to see if he is available for our party. The Board decided that beverages (which we provide) should include one half-barrel of beer and two boxes of wine, one red and one white unless reservations necessitate a change.

Valentines Run (2 miles, February 12, 2006, Northern Kentucky University) The Board recommended the following costs: $15.00 per person for Club members, pre-registered; $17 per person for non-Club members, pre-registered; $20.00 per person race-day for everyone (including Club members). Mike will send a flyer to the Runner's Spotlite. NKU runners will set up the course. The Club will man the finish line. Mike will talk with Steve Kruse (NKU) regarding mailing out announcements. Pre-registration forms possibly will be sent directly to NKU. The Club will retain 50% of the profits, as we have in the past. Mike will check on the cost of mugs as race awards. He will try to keep the cost to the Club under $5.00 per mug. Board members recommended that participants register either for a "single" category or a "couples" category, but not for both categories.

Heart Mini-marathon 29 (5K and 15K, Sunday, March 26, 2006, downtown Cincinnati) The Board requests that Julia contact the Westin now to reserve a hospitality suite. Mike will call the American Heart Association to see if the current Fountain Square reconstruction project will necessitate changes in the race course for 2006.

30th Anniversary Memorial Day Race (5 miles, Monday, May 29, 2006, likely at Lunken Airport) Nick displayed old t-shirts from this race loaned to us by David Nelson, a Club member who has run all 29 races to date. The Board particularly liked the 1980 shirt, which had the WEBN frog on it. Carl agreed to contact WEBN to see if they would like to be a race sponsor for the 2006 race. Board members liked the idea (suggested by David Nelson) of incorporating small versions of several old t-shirt logos into the overall design of the shirt.

Club Race Clock and Timers: Stacy Osborne has noted that our race clock is now about 12-13 years old. The clock does not function properly using battery power. Stacy has suggested that the Club purchase a new clock and repair the old one as a back-up. The Board did not disagree with Stacy's suggestions, but requests that Stacy obtain an estimate for repairing the old clock and a cost figure for the purchase of a new clock.

Next Board Meeting: Sunday, November 6, 1:00 p.m., at Bob Roncker's Running Spot.

Respectfully submitted,
Ed Hunter, Secretary