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October 1, 2009
Clifton Recreation Center

Present: Todd Hofacre, Laura Wagner, Ryan Woolley, Tom Glasscock. UC Running Club officers Jason Barhorst and Adam Hehr joined us.

Meeting began at 6:45 PM. Rob Morwood has resigned as Secretary due to increased responsibilities at home(birth of second child) and work.

August meeting minutes were approved.

Financial Report: Ryan reported that there is $7,212 in the bank with no outstanding checks. Discussed the workers’ compensation fees when we hire officers for races. We have not needed to hire any for 2009.

Membership: Currently at 127 members. Discussed changing the volunteer requirement and increasing the membership fees for 2010. Look into providing a premium like drifit shirts for members who volunteer.

Newsletter: Articles due October 10. May be pushed back to include Great Bearcat Run in next issue.

Web Site: Nothing new to report. Board decided to keep the slide show on home page rather than just one photo.

Holiday in Lights Run – Make sure no conflicting dates with other major sporting events. Tom plans to have it on December 8,9 or 10.
Holiday party – January 9th or 16th at Swaim Park Lodge.

Race Reports:
9k on 9/9/09- went well, 40 people showed up and had a good time. Profit & Loss still needs to be presented to the board. Looking at a loss for the race.
Great Bearcat Run- Adam reported that Panera, Busken, Vitaminwater will donate product to the race. Kroger will donate bananas. The T shirt is done, just needs to be ordered. Awards have been ordered. Still need more people to register, currently there are 6.
Valentines Day Race: This will be the 30th running of it! Todd talked about adding a few more couple categories to get more participation in the couples categories.
Group Run- Wednesdays 6: 30 at Hyde Park Square and Sundays 9 am in Mt. Adams. Attendance currently light at both.

Programs: Nothing new to report. Ask Stacy Osborne to do a motivational series; Laura will get information for a nutritionist.

Training Programs: Talked about having a beginning training program for the Valentine’s Day Race.

- Todd talked about a Split the Pot Prediction Run for St. Patrick’s Day.
- Laura talked about a Cross town run- get both UC running club and XU’s to run from one campus to the next.

Next meeting: November 5, 2009 6:30 at Clifton Recreation Center. Meeting adjourned at 8:00 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,
Laura Wagner, Vice President