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July 30, 2008
(Mount Airy Forest, the Oval)

Present: Todd Hofacre, Ed Hunter, Monica Krebs, Ryan Woolley

Meeting Minutes: last month’s minutes were reviewed and approved

Membership: 3 renewals in July; there has been interest in assuming the task of maintaining database; board will meet for ? approve

Newsletter: Summer ’08 is printed and pending mailing; cost is a bit higher due to 16 v. 12 pages; cost ~ $220 for printing; final cost will probably be $350 v. the usual $300; articles for next newsletter are due Oct. 10th; discussed ideas for the next featured runner; Ryan suggested featuring Kent Enzwieler, Todd will reach out to Mary

Website: fairly up to date except for the calendar; our blog at is now up to date

Member Appreciation Happy Hour: will be rescheduled for first or second Thursday in October; discussed perhaps combining it with the Cheviot Pub Crawl

Summer Picnic: Aug 24th, 2008 at Swaim Park in Montomery; 3:30 prediction run (2.5 miles) followed by a picnic; club supplies meats and beverages

Run@Work Day: Fri, Sept 19th, see article in the newsletter; goal is 35 minutes of running; ? get UC involved for a “Run at School” Day (Todd will contact Adam); packets available online as a guide for the event; ? contact Fountain Square (Todd will call AnnMarie Burnett) as a gathering place for a Fun Run

• Race Equipment: the club has purchased a new timer; also looking to purchase “Runscore” in the future…may use it on a trial basis at one of our big road races

• Crazy 8 Run: 8K trail run in Mt. Airy; 14 signed up; getting freebees as awards and door prizes; water and Gatorade from previous races available; still need a few more; need assist setting up course, map on website; Bob Roncker’s is the main sponsor; need assist with cash box and t-shirts; expect ~ 30-40 registrations

• Brian Rohne Race: 5k @ NKU, 7pm Aug 15th , need 4-5 to help with finish line and timing

• Out in the Boonies: probably deferred for this year

• Road Race with the UC Running Club: “The Great Bearcat Run” on UC campus; anticipate higher cost re: t-shirts; Nov 9th, 10am; flyers and logo pending; still need a presenting sponsor ($500-1K) to be profitable with 100 runners

• Lady’s Distance Classic: 5K and 10K race in Blue Ash Aug 3 @ 7:15 a.m.; can still go to the website and review volunteer options; ~ 1500 registered; festival following race

• Run Like Hell: Fri, Oct 24th; still need volunteers for committee members and ? to staff the RCGC tent; Todd will pass some names along as committee volunteers

Group Runs: hoping to start 3-4/week in the fall: Sun in Mt. Adams, Tues ?, Thurs. in Mt. Lookout ? combined with the UC Running Club; TBD

Training Program Updates: meeting w/Shalini McGarvey re: same for a ? small 10-20 person training program for the Thanksgiving Day Race

Miscellaneous: no new issues raised; round table discussion re: the Crazy 8 Run course

Next Board Meeting: 2pm Aug 24th prior to the summer picnic; future meetings will probably be moved to Thursdays at the Clifton Rec Center

Respectfully submitted,
Monica Krebs, Secretary