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July 9, 2009
Loveland High School, Loveland OH

Present: Todd Hofacre, Ryan Woolley, Tom Glasscock

Meeting came to order at 8:00 PM.

Meeting Minutes: June Meeting Minutes Approved

Financial Report: Ryan successfully turned over from Jeff Hummel. Todd went over Memorial Day P & L. Made $256.96 from the race. Biggest problem with the race was ordering too many T-shirts.

Membership: Board decided to send out postcards to members who have not paid their dues for 2009. Postcards should be out by end of month.

Articles for Summer Newsletter due Friday July 10. Todd should get the information to Frank by early next week.

Website: Club is now on twitter and Facebook group has 80 people. Quite a few pages on website need an update.

Summer Picnic August 23: Todd needs to follow up with Kim Retta to get permits from her regarding Picnic at Swaim Park. Information about the picnic will be in the newsletter. Also need a cook for the picnic.

RRCA Run at Work Day September 18: Todd proposed Burnett Woods as a location for this year’s Run@Work day. Todd got posters from the RRCA to advertise. Final details need to be worked out

Race Reports:

Lady Distance Classic: The club has a booth at the race and Membership forms will be in the goody bags. Need about 3 people to man the booth.

A Midsummer Night’s Trail Run August 11: Received approval from the Cincinnati Park Board to have the race at Mount Airy Forest. Registration will be in the OVAL. Will be using the course from last year’s Crazy 8 Race need to add about 200 feet to make it a 5 mile course.

The 9 on 9/9/09: Ryan Woolley received paperwork from Cincinnati Recreation Commission. Will turn in early next week to the commission. Need to measure a course and may need a more official name.

Loveland End of Summer Run: The board decided to hold off beginning this race in 2009 due to much of the current activity within the club, the difficulty in getting volunteers as most members help out with many high school cross country teams in the area.

Eek Keller Run: Still waiting to hear from the Crosley YMCA regarding doing this race in partnership. Strong possibility the race will be in Winton Woods. The board needs to make a decision soon about this race.

Great Bearcat Run: Nothing new to report.

Group Runs: The Wednesday Group Run is now at the UC campus with members of the UC Running Club. The last Sunday run at It’s Just Crepes will be July 12. The Sunday Group Run will go on hiatus until August 2. It will resume August 2 at the Koka Coffee Lounge in Mount Adams.

Programs/Seminars: Todd will ask Stacy if he is willing to resume is Osborne Motivational Series for the newer generation of members.

Training Program: Todd is strongly considering doing a training program with the club’s Valentine Day Race in the Winter.

Merchandising: Need a merchandising person to help get rid of the club’s Race T-shirts.

Next Board Meeting: August 6, 2009 at 8:00 PM at Loveland High School. Meeting follows the cross country series.

Meeting adjourned at 8:56 PM.

Respectfully Submitted
Ryan Woolley, Treasurer