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June 28, 2007
(at Otto Armleder Memorial Park, north of Lunken Airport)

Members Present: Tom Glasscock, Todd Hofacre, Jeff Hummel, Ed Hunter

Membership: Todd recently emailed a renewal letter via our contact software. He sent 140 emails, 50 recipients opened them, and about 15 renewed as of June 23. He will send renewal postcards in July after the 777 Race.

Surveys: Todd has received 5 via email and 12 via regular mail. Most came as a result of the membership packets. A key suggestion for the Club to date is the need for better and consistent communication with members.

Newsletter: Todd's sister-in-law has agreed to finalize the June issue for us. We hope to have it out by email prior to the 777 Race. We hope to have printed copies available for the race. Articles for the next newsletter are due August 1 so the next newsletter can be issued before the summer picnic.

Social Events: The "Meet New Members" Happy Hour will be Wednesday, August 1, 6:15 p.m. at McFaddens (7th and Vine downtown). The happy hour will follow a run. Dave Nelson's running group has been invited to participate. A subsequent "Run at Work" Happy Hour is being considered for Friday, September 21 to tie in with the RRCA "Run at Work Day."

Summer Picnic: Julia has reserved Swaim Park in Montgomery for Sunday, August 26, 2007. Members whose names begin with A-K will be asked to bring desserts, and those whose last names begin with L-Z will be asked to bring sides or salads. We will consider preparing a flyer (along with a membership form) to place at local running stores. For the prediction run to be held at the picnic, the Board decided that members could run for free but that nonmembers would pay a $5.00 entry fee. For $10 more, a nonmember could then get a single membership. It was agreed that all prediction run participants should sign a release form before participating.

2008 Flying Pig Marathon and RRCA Convention: Mary Enzweiler has indicated that the Club needs to provide one dedicated person willing to work with the Flying Pig Marathon.

Loveland's Amazing Race (2008): Next year the club might donate to them a box of paper cups for sponsorship.

Brian Rohne Race (5K, August 10, 2007, 7:00 p.m., NKU): They will need the Club's help with the finish line.

Loveland Run for the Arts (5K, September 23, 2007): This race might be held in conjunction with the Loveland arts festival ("Artsapalooza"). Julia spoke recently with Shaun Curtis of the Loveland Chamber of Commerce and President of the Loveland Arts Council. Mr. Curtis was enthusiastic about holding a race the same day as the arts festival (September 23). He said he would confer with his colleagues on the Arts Council for concurrence. Basic details of the race still need to be resolved.

RCGC Lucky 7 K (4.35 mile) Race (also known as the 777Race) (7 K, July 7, 2007, 8:17 a.m., Armleder Memorial Park): Bob Roncker will donate 50 tote bags as awards. Michelle Imbus has finished the t-shirt design. Todd will order at least 100 shirts (possibly more) on July 2. Jeff will pick them up before the race. Door prizes will include gift certificates from Kaldi's, Courtyard on Main, McFadden's, O'Bryons, and RoadId; t-shirts from past races, and an entry for the Brian Rohne Race. Some door prizes will be based on pre-registration, e.g., 7th and 21st persons to pre-register by mail, 7th and 21st persons to pre-register online. 33 runners have pre-registered as of June 28. To date we have at least 10 volunteers.
The course will be flat, out-and-back, 7K, with one water stop (Alpine Valley providing water). Todd will pick up bananas (3 boxes) at Kroger or Jungle Jim's. Jeff will pick up pretzels, chips, and cookies. Water and Gatorade will be available after the race (alcoholic beverages are not allowed). A representative from Larabar, an energy bar, will be at the race to hand out samples and possibly coupons. Ed will take digital photos for posting on the Club's website and newsletter.

Next Board Meeting: Thursday, July 26, 7:45 p.m., at Princeton Jr. High School, after the Cross Country Series race. NOTE CHANGE IN TIME AND LOCATION.

Respectfully submitted,
Ed Hunter, Secretary