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Monday June 13, 2011
Courtyard Marriott, Florence KY

Attendees: Terry Elliott, Gina Meyers, Ryan Woolley, Chris Higginbotham, Todd Hofacre

Absent: Laura Wagner, Dave Reid – work, Tom Glasscock

Terry called the meeting to order at 6:35 PM.

Review /approve last meeting minutes:  May 16 meeting minutes were approved.

Old Business:  Nothing new on old business.

Financial Report: Ryan reported that the club has a balance of $20,536.23 as of 6/13/11. There are 5 checks currently outstanding. Todd’s May expenses were approved.

Merchandise Inventory Report:     Nothing new to report

Membership:  Club currently has 120 members. For the year there are 33 new members.

Website:  Nothing new to report.  If you have updates get them to Marty. Chris has not had a chance to take a look and see what can be done.

Training Programs:  Gina is looking at tracks to do speedwork. She contacted Connor High School who said no due to liability issues.  After much discussion it was decided to do at the track at Tower Park on Thursdays beginning June 23 at 6:30 PM.  

Walking Program:  Only one other person showed up with Terry to walk after two sessions.

 Skate Program:  Nothing new to report.  The club will not start one until the group runs get going.
Group Runs:  The weekend group runs were postponed due to low attendance. 
Tue – Hyde Park. numbers have been about 5-10 runners since. Laura took over. One of the trends in group runs is to use the group runs as training for a marathon. After much discussion, the club will be doing a weekly long run on Saturday from Tower Park starting on July 9 at 8:00 AM.

NewsletterArticles for newsletter are due July 10.  Jascia Redwine will be the featured runner for Summer. Goal is to have the newsletter ready for the goody bags for the Midsummer Trail Run.   

Race Events

2011 balance - Todd said that the only races that the club has on hand is the Summer Cross Country Series, and the Summer Trail Run. Directors are needed for the 11/11/11 Race and a Club Anniversary Race in November. 

Weight Watchers Walk Recap – Over 900 people registered for the walk.  Todd went over some issues regarding the walk and what to do better next year.  Biggest issue was the surprise over the numbers.
Memorial Day Race Recap – About 220 people ran the Memorial Day Race. Todd went over a couple of issues which were few.

Summer Trail Run – August 11, 2011 Gina gave a quick update for the race.  Cincinnati Park Board approved us for use of Mount Airy Forest.  Online registration is set up.

Other: Club may be needed to help with timing the Brian Rohne Race on August 13, Panther Prowl 5k on August 20 and Check Your Genes 5k on October 1.  Volunteers may be needed to help with timing these races.
Police & Fire Race (Oinks & Ladders) – Dave Reid talked with the Police and Fire Department about doing a race.  There was no interest from either so there will be no race this year.

Summer Social: 
In an effort to improve the club’s social events, Terry is working with the Oak Creek Campground in Walton, KY for a Family Fun Weekend in July or August.  The Campground will assist in getting food sponsors, Kroger’s, Pepsi, Home City, Ice, Frito, Sysco, and JTM.
Club will have use of swimming pool, event shelter, discounted camping fees. Oak Creek is willing to trade for sponsor exposure and link on RCGC web site.

Miscellaneous:  Nothing to report or add

Next Board Meeting: Next board meeting is Monday July 11, 2011 at 6:30 PM at Courtyard Marriott.

Meeting adjourned at 8:25 PM.

Submitted By
Todd Hofacre, Club Secretary