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June 11, 2009, 6:30 p.m.
Clifton Recreation Center, Cincinnati, OH

Members Present: Todd Hofacre, Ed Hunter, Laura Wagner, Ryan Woolley

Guests Present: Frank Field (new Club member, interested in managing the newsletter), Sara McIntosh (Club member who writes for a running-related website, and interested in helping out)

Meeting Minutes: Minutes from the May 7, 2009, Board Meeting were approved.

Membership: Currently we have about 100 members. The Club will have about 3000 membership forms inserted into race bags for the Hyde Park Blast (scheduled for June 27, 2009).

Newsletter: The deadline for articles for the summer issue is July 10. The featured runner will be Brian Nash, a Flying Pig “streaker.” The issue also will feature our two scholarship winners and will include brief biographies of Board members. The board met and approved Frank Field as new newsletter editor.

Website: Website survey page updated for 2009. The Club is currently on Facebook, and he will add us to Twitter. Ed has emailed photos to Marty from the Memorial Day Race, and Marty has posted them.


National Running Day, June 3: About 20-30 people ran trails and roads in Mt. Airy Forest. The Club spent about $50 on the event.
National Trails Day, June 6: Participants ran about 4 to 5 miles on trails in French Park. The event went well. Runners could choose their own “adventure.”
Summer Picnic, August 23: Swaim Park, Montgomery. Kim Retta has obtained the permit we need to use the shelter we have used previously.
RRCA Run at Work Day, September 18: Last year we held this event at UC with the UC Running Club. Ideas are needed on where to hold the event this year. Possibilities: partner with United Way, hold at Burnet Woods or Mount Airy Forest , get P&G involved or another company. Todd will order posters from RRCA.

Memorial Day Race recap, May 25: Todd noted that it took about one week to get the results onto our website. He felt that we may gotten the results more quickly on the site by using “Run Score” software. He suggested that he and some Board members arrange time with Greg McCormick to learn how to use the software. The cost of the software is about $350.00. Todd also suggested that next year we have a second water stop and possibly an EMS technician on hand as one runner this year experienced heat-related problems.
Lady Distance Classic, 5K and 10K, Blue Ash Nature Park (off Cooper Road), August 1: Todd spoke with Katie Parker (from Fleet Feet) who will give us a booth for $70.00. The Board agreed to the cost and getting a booth.
A Midsummer’s Night Trail Run: 5 miles, Mt Airy Forest, 7 p.m. start, August 11: This is a Tuesday evening trail run. Details need to be worked out. Race Budget presented at the meeting. Looking to break even on the race.
The 9 on 9/9/09: 9K (about 5.6 miles), Lunken Playfield, Wednesday evening: Todd suggested that pre-registration with a shirt would cost $9.99. Race-day registration (without a shirt) also would cost $9.99. Ryan Woolley is handling this.
Loveland End of Summer Run: 5K, September 21: This race would be held in conjunction with the Loveland Arts Festival. Details are being worked out.
Eek Keller Run: 5K in Winton Woods Park, possibly November 14 or 21: The Powel Crosley Jr. YMCA, with whom we might partner, has not yet decided if they wish to be involved with the event. Ed recently met with PCY program director, Margo Igel, who previously felt that the Club’s usual fee of $2.00 per runner to set up and manage the finish line was too high. Ed gave Margo copies of budgets prepared by Todd for 100, 150, or 200 runners. Margo will give these consideration. Rental of a shelter at Winton Woods would cost $120.00. The Winton Woods Rangers have information on 5K courses used previously in the park. Ed will request course details from the Rangers.
Great Bearcat Run: 5K, UC campus: The date previously decided upon, October 25, is Homecoming Weekend. We may try for October 18 instead.

Group Runs: The club may do another trail group run on July 18. The Wednesday group may be discontinued because Todd has Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday conflicts in July and August and no members have stepped forward to continue the runs. The Sunday group will continue meeting at “It’s Just Crepes”.

Programs/Seminars: Todd suggested that we try a program at Swaim Park Lodge during the week of August 17 and have the meeting open to the public. Laura said her sister is a dietitian and could talk about diet and exercise.

Training Program: Todd proposed establishing a training program for Club members who are beginning runners that would meet two times per week. The program would begin with walking plus running and increase the amount of running every week. We will develop a plan next month like a race.

Merchandising: We have new Club technical shirts and old race t-shirts to sell. The Board needs a merchandising person to arrange and handle sales

(1) New bib numbers are on order as we are almost out.
(2) Todd checked for interest among members present for RRCA coaching certification. They will hold a coaching certification course during August in Hammond, IN and Nashville TN in July. Club may be willing to reimburse members who take this and willing to be the club’s coach.

Next Board Meeting: Thursday, July 9, 2009, about 7:45 p.m., at Loveland High School, after the cross-country series run. (Directions to the high school are on the website under the “cross-country series.”)

Respectfully submitted,
Ed Hunter, (substituting for Kim)