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May 10, 2007
(at Starbucks in Rookwood Pavilion and Commons)

Members Present: Julia Glasscock, Todd Hofacre, Jeff Hummel, Ed Hunter, Nick Kleiner, Peter Wayte

Membership: Todd prepared an excellent survey to get feedback from members on what they want out of the Club. The survey will be emailed to members very soon.

Newsletter: Julia will talk with Dave McMillian to see if he would be willing to put together our newsletter. We hope to establish a quarterly newsletter (beginning in June 2007) to be emailed to the membership. Some printed copies would be distributed to running stores and to members who want a hard copy and are willing to pay for it. If we pay an editor $50 per issue and printing is about $100 per issue, the total newsletter cost would be $600 per year.

Social Events: Future happy hours will be discussed at an upcoming Board meeting. Jeff will ask Jody or Kate to reserve Swaim Park (Montgomery) for a summer picnic (possibly Sunday, August 26, 2007).

2007 Flying Pig Marathon: The Board agreed that an arrangement to give $300 (out of our $600 total) to a Northern Kentucky high school cross country team for providing water stop volunteers was excessive as the club did the advance work, and provided the food. The Board had NOT been consulted about this amount in advance and the team provided only 13 volunteers instead of the 20 that we hoped for. A high school National Honor Society group provided 25 volunteers, and we agreed to pay them $100 at the water stop. In the future, the Board must approve any distribution of funds to volunteer groups for helping with the water stop and the amount must be in writing.
We will inform Mary Enzweiler (Volunteer Coordinator) about water stop equipment issues:
(1) we did not receive any disposable gloves (the supply at City Dash was insufficient), and we had to purchase our own; (2) our Gatorade mixing jug had a broken spigot and would not hold liquid until Ed inserted a small stopper from the inside; (3) the hose squeeze nozzle was broken and unusable.

Memorial Day Race 2007: Mike Moyer previously told the Kicks for Kids Foundation that they should select their scholarship winners (two $500 awards), and the RCGC will have nothing to do with the selection process. The Club will have no involvement with the race this year. If we decide to continue the tradition of a Memorial Day Race next year, we should consider finding a partner or hold a Friday evening race.

Racing to Read (June 16): To date it appears we will not have any duties for this race.

Loveland's Amazing Race (June 16): Julia will contact race director Kathy Ray to see if Kathy needs help.

777 Race (July 7): Todd suggested considering holding a 7 km (4.35 mi) race on Saturday July 7, 2007 (07/07/07). A location and sponsors would be needed. One possible location: the Loveland Bike Trail; police protection costs would be minimal. WLW Radio (700 am) could be asked to sponsor.

2008 Flying Pig Marathon and RRCA Convention: The RRCA will hold its 2008 convention in Cincinnati at the time of Flying Pig Marathon #10. This convention could be a great opportunity to increase exposure of the Club to the community and possibly earn funds for the Club. Julia will ask Mary Enzweiler to ask Iris Simpson-Bush, executive director of the Flying Pig Marathon, how the Club could assist.

Future Road Races: The club needs road races and the board is looking to form a race committee to look at different locations: Glenwood Gardens, Little Miami Bike Trail near Newtown, Mt. Storm Park(race to celebrate Club's Founding?), Eden Park, Fernbank Park, Armleder Park, different distances: 6K, 7K, 12K, 4, 5, 10 miles, quarter marathon (6.55 miles) or bring back defunct races that the club or another group had in the past.

Next Board Meeting: Thursday, May 31, 7:00 p.m., at Starbucks, Rookwood Pavilion and Commons.

Respectfully submitted,
Todd Hofacre, Secretary pro tem