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May 7, 2009
Clifton Recreation Center

Present: Todd Hofacre - President, Laura Wagner Vice President, Ryan Woolley - Treasurer , Kim Retta - Secretary, Ed Hunter At-Large, Jeff Hummel - past Treasurer, Adam Hehr President UC Running Club, Jason Barhorst Vice President UC Running Club . Tom Glasscock at Large was unable to attend due to coaching at track districts.

Meeting opened at 6:32 p.m.
Meeting Minutes: Minutes of the April 5, 2009 Board Meeting and the April 13, 2009 Annual Meeting were approved.

Board Expectations and Goals: Todd plans to step down as President in 2010. The club needs a Social Chair to handle summer picnic, holiday party and various other social functions. The club also can use people to help keep the website up to date with Marty Hovey, our current webmaster. Reviewed the 2008 to do list. Some may be carried forward to 2009. May need to reduce list based on current club goals and membership. Laura discussed a nature program with Cincinnati parks. She might be able to head up the trail group run series. Laura will get back to Todd about this. Discussed doing different runs from prediction to trail runs as they require fewer volunteers than full blown races. Todd will order a new RRCA handbook.

Programs/Seminars: Todd suggested we offer speaker presentations to members as advertised in our membership form. Suggested topics for speakers (once every 3- 4 months) include: 1.)Nutrition 2.) Injury prevention 3.) Women’s safety. Locations include Swaim Park Lodge and possibly UC in conjunction with the UC Running Club.

UC Running Club: Adam Hehr and Jason Barhorst from the UC Running Club discussed the Great Bearcat Run and other activities where the two clubs could work together. Went over last year’s Bearcat Run and came up with suggestions for this year’s race. Adam suggested to increase participation we: 1) advertise the race in the U.C. alumni magazine; 2) advertise race in the “News Record”, U. Cinn.’s campus newspaper; 3) do more posters; 4) make more use of the summer season to advertise it; 5) Adam and the UC Running Club will look for more sponsors. A preliminary date of Sunday October 25, 2009 was decided upon. May use the Campus Recreation Center followed by Nippert Stadium as registration/post race. Course will remain the same unless construction impedes it. Discussion centered on getting more sponsors especially one cash sponsor. Other possible sponsors include Frisch’s, realtors, hospitals like Christ and University, shoe store and retain last year’s sponsors.
The possibility of a beginner’s training program with the race was brought up. More research needed at this point regarding a training program for the race.

National Running Day on June 3: Todd suggested a joint run with the UC Running Club and invite other running groups to celebrate National Running Day. Ault Park was suggested location. Time to meet was 6:15 p.m. Todd will plan a course.

Financial Report: Jeff said that we have about $7,500 currently. We owe NKU their split for the Valentine’s Day Race. Jeff needs Todd to verify the split. Todd has no April expense report due to too few items. Jeff will begin turnover to Ryan this month. Todd will get Ryan on the club’s account.

Membership: Currently club is at 90 members. The club has almost 7,000 membership forms. Goal is to get the forms into the big summer races with goody bags. These include the Hyde Park Blast, Lady Distance Classic, and Downtown Dash. Jeff will check with the Hyde Park Blast about this possibility.

Newsletter: Problems came up with printing newsletter. It needs to be reprinted. Postage rises on May 11. Todd hopes to get the issue out before the increase. June Board Meeting Newsletter discussion will focus on trying to reduce printing costs. Jeff feels pages could be reduced by eliminating race registration forms and directing runners to the website for that purpose.

Website: Need someone to help keep the website updated beside Todd and Marty.

Summer Picnic: Discussed whether summer picnic should be held earlier in the day. Board decided to keep it at the same time. The board decided it will be on August 23. It will feature a Prediction Run at Swaim Park in Montgomery during late afternoon. Kim will reserve the small shelter and get the proper permits from the City of Montgomery.
Annual Meeting: Reviewed ideas discussed at the Annual Meeting which included merchandising different types of races, increasing club visibility and social events.

Flying Pig Waterstop: Went well. Somebody else will need to supervise it for 2010. Need better music for 2010.
Memorial Day Race: Check cleared for shelter and Hamilton County Park District has approved use of the loop. Rob Slater from the Flying Pig Marathon ordered the shirts and awaiting printing. Todd suggested we plan on making 30 general club t-shirts and 70 Memorial Day Race t-shirts. Board accepted the proposal. Awards will be pint glasses. No door prizes yet. Follow up with Greg McCormick about certifying course. Laura and Ed offered to help with the race. Fliers are being placed at local running stores and local YMCAs. 10 are registered for race. Laura suggested offering the club discount to members of local college teams to aid attendance.
Flying Pig Expo: At this year’s Flying Pig exp, there was little to no visibility of the club at the expo. Club needs to look for ways to increase exposure at the Flying Pig Expo. Possibilities include getting a booth, or having a club Flying Pig Marathon Shirt.
Lady Distance Classic: First Saturday in August. It is a good opportunity to promote club visibility by getting a booth and a great opportunity to get the club membership forms into the race goody bags. Todd will investigate after the Memorial Day Race is complete.
Trail Run in August: Looking at having it Saturday, August 8, 2009 at 7:00 p.m. (per a member’s suggestion from the Annual Meeting) at Mt. Airy Forest. Details need to be worked out.
9 on 9/9/09: Ryan will handle this race at Lunken Playfield. September 9 falls on a Wednesday which may present a challenge. Details need to be worked out. Todd will work with Ryan to get it going.
Loveland End of Summer Run: Todd is exploring the possibility of a run in Loveland in conjunction with the Arts Festival. Looking at a 4-mile race around the third weekend in September.
Eek Keller Run: According to Ed, the Y thought $2 per runner that the club offered was too high. The Y is showing less interest due to logistic problems like date. Ed suggested Winton Woods as an alternate location, possibly the 14th or 21st of November, which are both Saturdays. Todd will set up a projected budget based on the club split so Ed can submit it to the Y for further consideration.
Great Bearcat Run: discussed above with UC Running Club

Group Runs: Wednesdays are at Hyde Park and Sunday is currently at “It’s Just Crepes” on Court Street.
Miscellaneous: Ed Hunter will call the scholarship committee and get back to the Board. Ed will invite the scholarship recipients to the Memorial Day Race and give them a free entry to the race. Ed will pass information to Ryan about submitting a check to the College Scholarship Foundation.

Next Board Meeting: Meeting was adjourned before the next board meeting was scheduled. Meeting adjourned at 8:35 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Kim Retta, Secretary