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Monday April 25, 2011
Courtyard Marriott, Florence KY

Attendees: Terry Eliott, Gina Meyers, Ryan Woolley, Tom Glasscock, Chris Higginbotham, Dave Reid, Todd Hofacre
Guest: Melissa Goff
Absent: Laura Wagner

Terry called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM.

Review /approve last meeting minutes: April meeting minutes were approved.

Old Business:
Motion 1- The General Membership approved that Board members get their dues waived in the year at the Annual Meeting so no board action necessary.
Motion 2- Add the following board positions of Membership Secretary.  At this time the board decided not to add the position of Membership Secretary due to a possible change required of the bylaws.  Membership secretary will remain a committee position. Todd agreed to serve as Membership Secretary since he currently maintains the membership database.   
Motion 3- The board approved the following as committee positions

The board declined to approve the following positions until more information can be gathered:

 Motion 4- Board decided not to make full positions due to possible change in the bylaws.  Bylaws limit current board size to 9 members total.

Financial Report: Ryan reported that the club has a balance of $12,065 as of 4/25/11. There were two outstanding checks –One for the Flying Pig Marathon for the singlets and one to Laura Wagner for the Heart Mini Suite.

Merchandise Inventory Report:     Tabled for next meeting.

Membership:  Terry talked about adding a special club recognition Super “10” Member – special club recognition for any member that can get 10 new members - special t-shirt for outstanding member or free logoed club merchandise. Also he requested that each board member bring in 10 new members for the year.

Website: One point made by several members on the board is that a new web design needs to be made since the last one was 5 years ago.  Chris will work with Marty on this.

Training Programs:  Gina discussed creating a team training program and also adding a track workout as a weekly option. She will look into finding a local track for speedwork.

Walking Program:  Terry asked Jason & Melissa Goff to see about starting a Walking Program.  Due to the Weightwatchers Walk that the club puts on, a Walking Program is a necessity.  Jason and Melissa will let the board know.
Group Runs:  Sat – River Run – Gina noted that the address needs to be corrected on the website. ; Sun - Florence Run – No information updated at this time
Wed – Run Location – Hyde Park. Date changed to Tuesday due to Todd’s schedule.  Todd is injured and can not begin running again until June.  Chris offered to take over and start a run from Cincinnati State on the same day.

Group Walks – Terry asked Jason and Melissa Goff to get a group walk going.  Melissa will get back to Terry and the board.

NewsletterSpring Newsletter needs work and may not be available for the Flying Pig expo.

Race Events

2011 balance - Todd gave a brief synopsis of the race events that the club has on the horizon and ones that the club supports.  After Memorial Day Race, next club event is the Summer Trail Run and maybe the 11/11/11 Race in November.  Gina offered to direct the Summer Trail Run for 2011.

Weight Watchers Walk – Update – 320 people have signed up so far.  More volunteers needed due to the size of the walk.  570 Shirts have been ordered. Shirts need to be paid for before shirt company will ship. Todd will send Ryan a copy of the invoice.  Course needs to be measured and decided upon.

 Memorial Day Race – About 15 people have signed up for the Memorial Day Race. Due to April rains, Memorial Day Race Location is currently underwater and closed to the public.

Other – There may be a 5k Run/Walk in Morrow on July 31 that the club may have timing services for. Details to follow.   

Flying Pig-
         Expo Volunteer schedule – Todd passed out the volunteer expo schedule. Openings on Saturday. Ryan filled the afternoon opening and Terry filled the morning. The banner will be present at the expo. Ryan will get with Nick to get the banner.   Terry will help Todd with set-up on Friday
         Water Stop Volunteer Update –  Location  –  3033 Riverside Drive, Cincinnati .  The full allotment of volunteers has been filled.  Todd will send an email out about parking directions etc. Dave will pick up the fluid station supplies from City Dash on Saturday

Police & Fire Race (Oinks & Ladders) – Dave is looking to do a charity race in the fall to raise money for Police and Fire departments fund.  He is looking to do in November.   More details to follow.

Summer Social: 
In an effort to improve the club’s social events, Terry is working with the Oak Creek Campground in Walton, KY for a Family Fun Weekend in July or August.  The Campground will assist in getting food sponsors, Kroger’s, Pepsi, Home City, Ice, Frito, Sysco, and JTM.
Club will have use of swimming pool, event shelter, discounted camping fees. Oak Creek is willing to trade for sponsor exposure and link on RCGC web site.

Miscellaneous: Todd mentioned that National Running Day is June 1.  In previous years, the club teamed up with the UC Running Club to have a run at Mount Airy Forest and grill out afterward. Chris will follow up with the UC Running Club to gauge interest

Next Board Meeting: Next board meeting is Monday May 16, 2011 at 6:30 PM at Courtyard Marriott.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30 PM.

Submitted By
Todd Hofacre, Club Secretary