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April 24, 2005
(at Bob Roncker's Running Spot)

Members Present: Jeff Hummel, Tom Glasscock, Mike Moyer, Peter Wayte, Kate Rich, Carl Rich, Todd Hofacre RCGC Secretary Ed Hunter was unable to attend due to a prior commitment so asked Todd to take minutes. RCGC VP Nick Kleiner was unable to attend due to a late Saturday night/early Sunday morning commitment.

Membership: Email reminders went out the week of April 18 to members who have not paid as of April 15. Postcards will go out in May.

Newsletter: Amy will have 50 newsletters ready for the Flying Pig expo. Mike attempted to contact Jody about mass printing the May newsletter and has not heard from Jody. Tom pointed that he would like an acknowledgement from Amy that she received his article. It may not have happened due to the tight deadlines with the May newsletter. In prior newsletters, Amy let contributors know that she received their articles.

Website: The club's redesign went active this week and the board was raving about the new look. One concern was that the calendar needs updates. Peter mentioned that he will update the calendar. Marty let Mike know that he may be unable to make any updates the last week of April due to the Flying Pig Marathon. (He handles updates for their website as well)

Social Events:

Club Picnic: Tom confirmed arrangements with Swaim Park. The club will host the annual picnic on Sunday August 28, 2005 at Swaim Park(same place as last year). The picnic starts at 3:00 PM and will include a prediction run and fun and games. The club will handle hamburgers, chicken patties, hot dogs and beverages. Members whose last names begin with A-K will bring desserts; those whose last names begin with L-Z will bring side dishes; those whose names are Jeff Sprague will bring chicken salad.

Upcoming Races:

(1) Flying Pig Marathon Water Stop (Sunday, May 1, 7:00 a.m. to noon) - Peter Wayte mentioned that 55 people signed up for the water stop. Peter will turn in the floppy on Monday April 25, to the Flying Pig Marathon. If additional volunteers are signed during the week, turn the forms in at the Expo. Todd will pick up supplies(gatorade, t-shirts, garbage cans, garbage bags, hose) for the water stop on Saturday at Sawyer Point Park at 3:00 pm. The club confirmed that Cathy would arrange food for the volunteers. Nick agreed to set up the tent and provide music. The Club water stop will be mile 22.1 or 3033 Eastern Avenue and volunteers need to be there by 7:30 AM. Volunteers should look goofy, e.g., wear a goofy hat, wig, t-shirt, etc.

(2) Flying Pig Expo Booth (Friday April 29 and Saturday May 30) - Board confirmed volunteers for the expo and attempted to cover some missing slots. Jeff mentioned that since he works nearby, he can stop in and cover some of the missing slots. Volunteers need to check in with Mike Boylan and need to know the course and general information about the Pig i.e. where registration is. The booth will be in the lobby and the club is responsible for keeping things straight and to answer participant questions.

(3) Memorial Day Race (5 miles, Monday, May 30, 9 a.m.) - Mike needs to get the online registration info to Marty to add to the website. Last year, Cincinnati's finest became upset with the club blocking the road at the start for 5 minutes and course options may need to be explored to make everyone happy. Mike will follow-up with Nick about awards. Details about T-shirts and sponsors were confirmed. Kate and Carl will handle food for the race.

(4) Racing to Read 5K (June 4, 2005 9.00 a.m) - The club will handle timing and finish line for this race. Volunteers will be needed for this. Since Mike will be out of town, Mike gave Nick as a point of contact. The club receives $1 for each participant.

Other Business:

(1) Mike will be going out of town May 9 until sometime in August. He should be back for the Brian Rohne Race or pink colored unmentionables will be in his future.

(2) June board meeting to be held fourth week of May to work out arrangements for Memorial Day Race.

Next Board Meeting: Sunday, May 22, 1:00 p.m., at Bob Roncker's Running Spot in O'Bryonville

Respectfully submitted,
Todd Hofacre, RCGC Secretary of the Day