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April, 12 2010
Swaim Park Lodge, Montgomery, OH

Meeting came to order at 7:15 PM.

Verification of Quorum: Todd verified that 10 members were present, which constituted a quorum (exceeding 10% of 95 current members in good standing). Board members present included Todd Hofacre –President, Laura Wagner –Vice-President, Ryan Woolley –Treasurer, Gina Meyers –Secretary, and Tom Glasscock –Trustee at Large. Members present included Blaine Booher, Amanda Booher, Doug Chang, and Marty Hovey.

Announcement of Upcoming Events: Todd reviewed Club events for 2010, including Flying Pig Expo booth and Waterstop at Mile 22, National Running day and National Trails Day, Memorial Day Race, Summer Picnic, and Midsummer Night Trail Run. Todd opened the floor for members to discuss ideas for the upcoming year including events, sponsorship, membership, and what they would like to see for the Club in 2010.Todd also shared information for new members regarding the history of the Club, weekly group run information, training programs, merchandising, and a new Club logo.

2009 Financial Report: Report prepared by Ryan Woolley –Treasurer. In 2009, the Club had an overall net loss of $2,836.19, with a projected net loss of $3,090.00. Key expenses for the year were the Club Newsletter (10.65%), Memorial Day Race (15.17%), Valentine’s Day Race (22.82%), and RRCA dues (13.38%). Our most profitable race was the Valentine’s Day Race, with a net income of $1,136.75 (32.06%). Membership dues constituted 20.00% of Total Revenue ($2,463.00), with the Club’s current balance at $5,611.06. The Club also awarded two scholarship recipients with $1,150.00 total.

2010 Budget Presentation: For 2010, Ryan projects an overall net loss of $1,547.00, with key projected expenses being the Club Newsletter (21.1%), Scholarship Awards (17.4%), RRCA dues (15.1%), and Race Equipment (12.2%). Dues revenue is projected to be $2,500.00 (37.8%). 

Nominations and Elections of RCGC Board of Trustees and Officers: Results of the election were as follows:
President: Todd Hofacre         
Vice-President: Laura Wagner         
Treasurer: Ryan Woolley
Secretary: Gina Meyers
Trustees At Large: Tom Glasscock, Paul Staudigel, Frank Field          

Next Board Meeting: To be held Thursday, May 13th at 7:00 PM at the Clifton Rec. Center.

Meeting adjourned at 8:45 PM.

                                                            Submitted By
Gina Meyers, Secretary