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Swaim Park Lodge, Montgomery, OH
April 11, 2011

Board Members Present: Todd Hofacre, Gina Meyers, Ryan Woolley, Tom Glasscock, Laura Wagner

Members Present: Sherry Glover, Mike Hauser, Chris Higginbotham, Brian Nash, Jerry Patton, Dave Reid, Kim Retta, Mark Retta, Llee Sivitz, Alicia Zimov

Meeting came to order at 7:15 PM.

Announcement of Upcoming Events: Todd reviewed Club events for 2011, including Flying Pig Expo booth and Waterstop at Mile 22, Weight Watchers Walk-It 5k, 35th Annual Memorial Day 5k Race, and Cross-Country Summer Series. Todd stressed how these produce great publicity for the Club, and then opened the floor for members to discuss ideas for the upcoming year including what they would like to see for the Club in 2011. Todd also addressed the importance of having enough volunteers to cover the many events that we do, and shared information regarding the new tech singlets and 35th Anniversary cotton legacy t-shirts, both new for 2011.

Featured Speaker - Brian Nash: Brian, who is on Flying Pig Marathon Committee for 2011, shared his mantra “PIGRACE” (Pace, Invest, Gusto, Reflect, Accept, Commit, and Explore) with a breakdown of the marathon course into seven sections, and what runners can come to expect along the way. Brian talked about a couple of new things for this year, including corrals at the starting line and a new location for the start on Mehring Way. He ended his presentation by answering questions from several of the members in attendance.

2010 Financial Report: Report prepared by Ryan Woolley –Treasurer. In 2010, the Club had an overall net gain of $1,816.36, with a projected net loss of $1,547.00. The Club’s bank balance at the beginning of 2010 was $5,025.82, and at the end of 2010 it was $7,696.21. Key expenses for the year were the Valentine’s Day Race (21.81%), Memorial Day Race (8.36%), Hang 10 Race (8.29%), and Club merchandise (7.77%). Our three most profitable events were the  the Weight Watchers Walk-It Day 5k, Memorial Day Race, and Valentine's Day Race after taking into account expenses for each. Membership dues constituted 11.67% of Total Revenue ($2,068.00).

2011 Budget Presentation: For 2011, Ryan projects an overall net loss of $2,125.00, with key projected expenses being the Club Newsletter (17.7%), Internet Expenses (12.7%), RRCA dues (12.7%), Mile Races/Club Runs (12.7%), Club Merchandising (12.7%), and Race Equipment (12.7%). Dues revenue is projected to be $2,600.00 (32.9%). 

Verification of Quorum: Todd verified that 15 members were present, which constituted a quorum.

Nominations and Elections of RCGC 2011 Board of Trustees and Officers: Results of the election were as follows:
President: Terry Elliott
Vice-President: Gina Meyers
Treasurer: Ryan Woolley
Secretary: Todd Hofacre
Trustees At Large: Tom Glasscock, Laura Wagner, Chris Higginbotham, Dave Reid

The members present also voted on the motion to have a free membership for board members for the year that they serve on the board. Motion was passed.

Next Board Meeting: To be held Monday, April 25, 2011 at 6:30 PM at the Courtyard Marriott in Florence, KY.

Meeting adjourned at 8:45 PM.

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Gina Meyers, Secretary