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April, 8 2010
Clifton Recreation Center, Cincinnati OH

Present: Todd Hofacre, Ryan Woolley, Gina Meyers, Paul Staudigel

Meeting came to order at 7:10 PM.

The board nominated Paul Staudigel to Board of Trustees At Large, to be approved at Annual Meeting.

Meeting Minutes: Approved from March 7, 2010.

Financial Report: Todd passed out expenses for March 2010. Biggest expenses to report were the Heart Mini Suite and membership mailings. Todd will need to file 990N for taxes this year due May 15, 2010. Ryan reported no outstanding checks. Club needs to cut a check for the remaining amount of booth at Flying Pig Expo.

Membership: Todd reported the club has about 95 renewed members. Membership packet mailing has gone out to members currently renewed for 2010.

Newsletter: Newsletter to be ready for the Flying Pig Expo booth. Quite a few articles were submitted, but not many photos.

Website: Club needs to get PayPal account verification of non-profit status among other things. One main goal for the website is to get all past newsletters archived onto the website. Currently, all of the 2009 newsletters are on the site. Club Facebook group currently has 260 members.

Social: Annual Meeting: To be held April 12, 2010 at Swaim Park in Montgomery. Notice sent out to current members with their membership cards. The Club expects between 10-15 people to be in       attendance to meet Quorum.

Flying Pig Roast or Cooldown: Laura Wagner (Vice-President) has a few ideas, with more details to follow at Annual Meeting.

National Running Day - Wed. June 2, 2010: No planning currently, but the board discussed ideas for having a trail run at Mt. Airy Forest. Club may ask UC Running Club if they have interest in joining us for a run and happy hour social.

National Trails Day - Sat. June 5, 2010: Club may move Saturday group run this day, with mention of possibly holding it at French Park again this year.

Summer Picnic: To be discussed in further detail at Annual Meeting. One possibility may be to add a race; date TBD - tabled for next board meeting.

Race Reports:

Race Committees: Nothing new to report. Todd will try to get an email out soon.

Group Runs: Current group runs meet on Wednesdays at 6:30 PM at Hyde Park Square, and Saturdays at 8:30 AM at Fountain Square in Downtown. Todd mentioned moving the Saturday run to Clifton in June.

Training Programs: Nothing new to report.

Seminars: Nothing new to report.

Merchandising: There will be a new club tech t-shirt for 2010 with Club logo on the front, and “We Run the City” on the back. 50 t-shirts at a cost of $10.00 (gray for men and white for women) will be ready for the Flying Pig Expo.  Todd is looking at the idea of creating a club poster as well.

Miscellaneous: The board looked at, and reviewed a new logo for the Club to replace the current one. Paul mentioned the idea of having a Club gym bag as well.

Next Board Meeting: To be held Thursday, May 13th at 7:00 PM at the Clifton Rec. Center.

Meeting adjourned at 8:35 PM.

                                                                                                Submitted By
Gina Meyers, Secretary