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Courtyard Marriott, Florence KY
April 3, 2011

Introductions: Todd introduced Jasica to the Board members, and Jasica told us a little bit about herself and expressed her interests within the Club.

Meeting Minutes: March 6, 2011 Board Meeting Minutes were approved.

Financial Report: Ryan reported a balance of $10, 397 with one outstanding check from the NKU/Valentine’s Day Race split. Deposits to the account in March included $180 from membership renewals and $60 from the Heart Mini Marathon. Todd passed out an expense report for March, which was approved by the Board. Four big expenses were the membership mailings, Heart Mini Suite, and the Memorial Day Race and Weight Watchers Walk location payments. Total expenses for March came to $1,195.16.

Membership: A renewal notice will be sent out this week for 2011 memberships. Approximately 92 members have renewed and are in good standing with the Club. The Board discussed the benefits of the Club membership and decided what needed to be changed for 2011. An updated list of benefits will be sent out to all members.

Motions 1, 2, 3,4 for discussion: The Board discussed four motions presented by Terry regarding the addition of new Board Member positions for 2011, along with a free membership for Club members who serve on the Board for the calendar year that they serve. These matters will be open for discussion and voting at the Annual Meeting. Also discussed was the importance of attendance at monthly board meetings: If a Board member misses more than three meetings in a row, he/she will be asked to resign from their position, and if a meeting is to be missed, it is expected that a report be sent in to the Board for discussion.

Newsletter: Articles are due April 4th so the Spring newsletter can be ready in time for the Flying Pig Expo on April 30th. Chris Higginbotham will be our featured runner.

Website: The board discussed the need to update the club website with current race information, recent photos of club members and events we’ve held, and update the links for 2011 races and routes. The Club will need several people working together to make sure that the website is current and up to date throughout the year. Also discussed was the possibility of having board members photos up on the page for members to see.

Social: Annual Meeting – April 11: To be held at 6:30 PM at Swaim Park Lodge in Montgomery. The Board will verify quorum and announce upcoming Club events. Brian Nash from the Flying Pig Committee will be our featured speaker. Ryan will give a 2010 Financial Report and present the 2011 Budget to members. The members present will vote and elect the 2011 RCGC Board of Trustees and Officers.


Heart Mini-Marathon Recap: Promotion of club team needs to start in December or January of next year instead of February. The website page was also updated late this year, and Todd was unaware that the Club was boxed under the wrong team name on the Heart Mini registration page. Everyone seemed to have a great time and enjoy the Suites at the Westin, ad we were able to stay within budget. For 2012, the Club needs to try to meet with a Pig representative and get a member discount for the team, or possibly look at getting team shirts printed.

Bridgewater Falls Community Health Fair – April 10: Todd & Laura Wagner will be attending this Health Fair in Liberty Twp. from noon – 5pm to promote the Club.

Bethel Race – April 16: The Club will be providing two people to help out with timing and post-race.

Blue Ribbon Run 5k – April 23: The Club has been contracted to do the timing for this race and/or supply our clock for them to use.

Flying Pig Marathon Expo & Waterstop - update: More volunteers are needed at Mile 22 waterstop (40-60 people total). 6 volunteers are currently signed up to help out. Todd will follow up with St. Henry District High School to see how many volunteers they can send. The Club may possibly have a theme for the waterstop this year. Volunteers are still needed for 2nd shift on Fri., April 29, and all shifts on Sat., April 30th at the Expo. At least two people are needed for each shift. Club singlets will be for sale among other club items. Ryan will need to send a check with the remaining amount for the Expo booth in May.

Weight Watchers Walk – May 22: The nationwide kickoff for this event is April 3rd with online registration now available for participants to sign up. Shirts need to be ordered by April 22. They will be blue tech shirts from RRCA. The Walk will be held at the Spirit of ’76 Shelter at Lunken Playfield, and we still need to come up with a course on the loop. We may get water bottles for finishers and will have door prizes. Currently, 160 participants are registered. More volunteers are needed to help with registration/post race, course, water, and finish line. We have one inkind sponsor and one cash sponsor, RRCA & Weight Watchers, to help cover costs. Todd will need to meet with Pam Schaible from the local Weight Watchers chapter to figure out responsibilities.

Memorial Day Race – May 30: To be held at Otto Armleder Park. Payment was sent in to the Cincinnati Recreation Commission and Todd has received written confirmation from the Hamilton County Park District for permission to use the loop. We still need to design the logo and t-shirt and order the rewards, which will probably be pint glasses with the Memorial Day Race logo printed on them. Door prizes are also needed. One person has sign up for the race as of today’s date. About 10-15 volunteers are needed. We have three inkind sponsors and one cash sponsor, Group Health Associates. We will need to add the race to the RRCA calendar for insurance, as well as other local race calendars. Flyers are printed and ready to be distributed.

Summer Mile Series/Club Races: The Club has budgeted $1,000.00 for several low-key races in 2011. The fee per race will most likely be $3.-4. for members and $10. for non-members. Terry suggested a Fire/Police 5k or 5 mile race (per request of member Dave Reid), and Todd suggested adding a trail race in NKY, and/ or happy hour runs. Monthly 5k runs or $1.00/weekly runs were also suggested.

Race Committees: Tabled for next Board Meeting.

Group Runs: Laura would like to do a Summer Tour for the Sunday Group runs starting the end of May and running through July. Times and dates are TBD, with the possibility of having Sunday evening runs, Saturday morning runs, or weeknight runs. Todd passed out a list of location possibilities and dates. More to follow on this.

RRCA Convention – May 14-15: To be held in Fredericksburg, VA this year. The club may send one person to represent RCGC.

Programs/Seminars: Tabled for next Board Meeting.

Merchandising: White singlets with our Club logo were ordered from the Flying Pig (40-50 for Expo booth) along with a legacy shirt. The new 35th Anniversary t-shirt design is finished and ready for print.

Miscellaneous: Nothing new to report.

Next Board Meeting: To be held Monday, April 25, 2011 at 6:30 PM at the Courtyard Marriott in Florence, KY.

Meeting adjourned at 2:35 PM.

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Gina Meyers, Club Secretary