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Bob Roncker’s Running Spot, Cincinnati OH
March 6, 2011

Board Members Present: Todd Hofacre, Gina Meyers, Ryan Woolley, Terry Elliott

Members Present: Lisa Stephens-Bodine & Robert Bodine – new club members

Meeting came to order at 12:40 PM.

Introductions: Lisa and Rob introduced themselves to the Board and indicated interest in the Membership Committee. Ryan agreed to accept the nomination for Treasurer for 2011, Terry accepted a nomination for Club President, and Gina accepted a nomination for Vice President. Elections will be held at the Annual Meeting in April.

Meeting Minutes: Minutes from the January 4, 2011 Board Meeting were approved with minor revisions.

Financial Report: Ryan reported a balance of $12, 676. with two outstanding checks for the Valentine’s Day race t-shirts and the Flying Pig Expo. Ryan will prepare a 2011 Budget and Annual Report to be presented at the Annual Meeting. Todd passed out an expense report for January and February, which was approved by the Board. Three big expenses were the Valentine’s Day Race Awards, Newsletter, and Internet Domain Renewal. Total expenses for January and February came to $539.26.

Membership: The club has approximately 205 members from 160-170 total households. As of March 1st, 75 members have renewed for 2011. Todd will meet with the other board members after the group run on March 27th at the Courtyard Marriott to put together mailings to be sent out to members with a renewal reminder. The Board decided to terminate the volunteer option and implement a volunteer reward card, starting with the Flying Pig Expo. Dues for 2011 are $20.00 for a single membership, and $25.00 per family.

Newsletter: Todd would like to have the spring newsletter ready for the Flying Pig Expo on April 30, with Cindy Moore as the featured runner. Additional articles for the newsletter are due by April 4th.

Website: Current domain names for 2011 have been renewed. Facebook group currently has about 500 members. Todd asked for suggestions for a new poll question on the blog, to be updated within the next week. Todd will ask club member Chris Higginbotham if he has interest in managing the Facebook group page and Twitter account, as well as sending emails and notices out to club members.

Social: Annual Meeting to be held April 11, 2011 at 6:30 PM at Swaim Park Lodge. Todd passed out the Annual Meeting Notice and Agenda, and announced the nominations for the 2011 Board of Trustees and Officers. Ryan, Terry, and Gina accepted nominations for Treasurer, President, and Vice-President respectively. Additional nominations include Tom Glasscock, Chris Higginbotham, Todd Hofacre, and Laura Wagner for At Large Trustees, with Julia Glasscock as Secretary. Todd will follow up with these members before the elections take place. Todd went over the Club Bylaws, with no changes needed at this time. The club may ask Brian Nash to be a featured speaker at the meeting.

National Running Day – Wed. June 1, 2011: Todd will follow up with the UC Running Club to see if they have interest in teaming up with us for this event. More details to follow.

Races: Valentine’s Day Race – recap: The club budgeted for 350 runners, with an actual count of 397 (312 pre-registered and 85 race-day). For next year’s race, the club will assume about a 20% increase in numbers. Increased expenses this year were office supplies and t-shirts at $7.00/shirt. Pizza costs went down from last year, and we had one cash sponsor from Group Health Associates. Todd will send out an updated budget comparison sheet with changes from t-shirt sales (about 50 people). Net revenue was $3,738.00, which the club split with NKU. The club may look into getting a media sponsor for next year.

Heart Mini Marathon - update: Two rooms have been reserved at the Westin Hotel downtown for the Club’s Heart Mini-Suite on March 20th. Around 15-20 people are anticipated, and Todd will pick up the food and drinks. The board members will get a keycard for direct access into the rooms. Two volunteers are still needed for the fluid station waterstop.

Flying Pig Marathon Expo & Waterstop – update: The club will once again have a booth at the Expo on Friday, April 29th and Saturday, April 30th. There are 5 shifts (2 Friday & 3 Saturday) and will need to have at least two volunteers per shift. More volunteers are also needed at the Mile 22 waterstop (about 40 people total). Since RCGC is a partner charity, the Pig is offering a lower registration rate for members only until April 4th. The coupon code has been emailed to members. Todd would like to have the spring newsletter, group run flyers, Memorial Day Race & Weight Watchers Walk-It information and registration available. The club will also offer a raffle prize for members who sign up or renew at the Expo. One idea for the prize was a lifetime Club Membership.

Weight Watchers Walk-It: To be held Sunday, May 22, possibly at Fernbank Park near Saylor Park, OH. Todd will get in touch with the Cincinnati Park Board to get permission for this location. Todd put together race budgets based on 100-200 runners. We will need to get a 6ft. banner from RRCA for this year’s walk. Registration will cost $15.00 in advance or $20.00 race-day, which may include a tech shirt. RRCA/Weight Watchers will sponsor $1,000. 00 to help cover the cost of the event, as long as the club meets their requirements. Todd will work on setting up a website page for participants to register, and possibly order pint glasses or water bottles with the club logo for finishers (about 300 needed).

Memorial Day Race – May 30: This is the 35th annual race event and the second longest-running annual race in the city. To be held at Armleder Park again this year. Todd sent in for permission from the Hamilton County Park District to approve this location, and will need to follow up with sponsors for inkind donations and supplies, including Group Health Associates. Todd reviewed the budget for 200 participants expected for this year. Dryfit shirts will need to be ordered (at a cost of $7.00 per shirt), and the flyer ready to be passed out at the Annual Meeting and Expo.

Summer Mile Series/Club Races: The Club has budgeted ($1,000.00) for a fewlow-key club races this year. Some suggestions were to add a summer or early fall race. More to follow.

Race Committees: Tabled for next board meeting or Annual Meeting in April.

Group Runs: Nothing new to report.

RRCA Convention – May 14-15: To be held in Fredericksburg, VA this year. The club may send one person to represent RCGC. The cost is $250.00 to attend the conference plus $75.00 for entry into the Marine Corps race. Cost of room/meals not included in this price. Julie Isphording, from Cincinnati, will be the keynote speaker at the seminar.

Programs/Seminars: Nothing new to report.

Club Teams: Terry suggested having different teams and pace leaders, with elite runners to lead the teams for training groups and races. Todd mentioned that Randy Cox currently heads up a training group at Withrow high School with Earth Drummers, an elite group of runners in the area, and suggested contacting him for help with getting this started. More to follow at next board meeting.

Merchandising: The club will need to have the 2011 Club shirts or singlets with our logo ready for the Pig Expo. Todd also mentioned the possibility of getting a 35th Anniversary club shirt made.

Miscellaneous: Nothing new to report.

Next Board Meeting: To be held Sunday, April 3, 2011 at 12 PM at the Courtyard Marriott in Florence, KY.

Meeting adjourned at 2:45 PM.

Submitted By
Gina Meyers, Club Secretary