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March 4, 2007
(at Molly Malone's, Pleasant Ridge)

Members Present: Julia Glasscock, Todd Hofacre, Jeff Hummel , Nick Kleiner. Mike Moyer was unable to attend due to a scheduling conflict and Peter Wayte was at Roncker's Running Spot

Valentine's Day Race: The Valentine's Day race netted the club approximately $250 after the split. Steve Kruse, Northern Kentucky's Cross Country Coach, has offered to handle the promotion and administration of next year's Valentine Day Race since the race director Mike Moyer is heading to Los Angeles for about a year and will be unable to direct the race. It will probably effect our current split. Nick will talk with Steve about what support the club will provide for next years race.

Membership: Membership renewals are due the month of March. Todd will send reminders in April or May to members who have not renewed by the end of the month.

Flying Pig Marathon (May 6, 2007, Cincinnati): The Club will man a water stop at this year's marathon, as they did last year. The Heart Mini-marathon Expo and the hospitality suite after the Mini-marathon previously have provided excellent opportunities to recruit volunteers for the water stop. Volunteer forms are available and they should be distributed over the Mini-marathon weekend (March 24-25). Volunteer forms are also on the web page and members should be encouraged to complete them on line and email them to Mike. For the Flying Pig water stop, we will need a minimum of 40 volunteers. We will be paid the same amount ($600.00) irrespective of the total number of volunteers we recruit as long as we have at least 40 A volunteer is needed to co-ordinate all the actions required to run a water station.

Heart Mini-marathon 30 (March 25, 2007; 5K, 9 a.m.; 15K, 10 a.m., downtown Cincinnati): We have a couple of rooms for the hospitality suite this year. Nick will handle the food and Jeff will get the drinks. Room information will be at the club booth at Heart Mini Expo.
Volunteers are needed to work a shift at the Heart Mini Expo. The Heart Mini Expo will be from 10:00AM-4:00PM.
Being able to work a three hour shift would be great.
The Club also needs to provide two or three volunteers to work at a water stop for the Heart Mini-marathon to gain experience in handing out cups of water to runners

Memorial Day Race: The board needs to ask Mike Smith what involvement the club will have in this years Memorial Day Race aka The Kicks for Kids River Run to be held the last Saturday in May.

Next Board Meeting: TBD. It needs to be before the Flying Pig Marathon and before Mike heads to LA.

Respectfully submitted,
Todd Hofacre, Secretary pro tem