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Sunday, January 20, 2013 – 9:00 AM
Panera Bread – Crestview Hills, KY

Present: Gina Meyers, Todd Hofacre, Ryan Smith, Ryan Woolley

Absent: Tom Glasscock

Meeting came to order at 9:15 AM.
Meeting Minutes: The December minutes (as submitted by Rebecca Homan) were approved.

Financial Report: Ryan Woolley reported that we have $13, 553.99 in the bank. There are no outstanding checks. Ryan also reviewed the 2013 Budget and it was approved by the board.

Equipment: New race clock purchase –tabled for next meeting.

Merchandising/Promotion – 2013: Ryan Smith mentioned purchasing smaller running-related items for the booth at the Flying Pig Expo to hand out such as shoe pockets, temp. tattoos with Club’s logo in different colors, etc. Ryan & Todd talked about possibly getting long-sleeve tech shirts or visors/caps for 2013. Ryan will look into pricing of these items and report back to the Club.

Membership Update: Todd reported that we currently have about 200 members/148 households. Marty was able to fix the online renewal/application form. Cards for 2013 will go out after March 1st and Todd is looking at outsourcing to another company this year for membership cards.

Newsletter: Todd will have the Winter/February newsletter out before the Valentine’s Day Race - a final copy will be sent to Gina before going to press. About 350 copies will need to be printed.

Website:  The Club talked about renewing the current website domains for 2013. We will keep and only, and discontinue Marty will make some minor changes to the group run page. We currently have 90 followers on the Facebook page and 773 members in the Facebook group.


Holiday in Lights Run & Annual Holiday Party –recap: Attendance for 2012 was low; the Club will look into another venue for 2013. One possibility is to get a suite/party room at the Westin downtown to host the run and party, with a similar route through downtown/Fountain Square.

Annual Meeting – To be held Monday evening, April 8th at Swaim Park Lodge at 6:30 PM. Gina will send in the application and rental fee, and ask either Harvey Lewis or someone from the Flying Pig or Fleet Feet to be a guest speaker.


Grand Prix Race Series for 2013 – Todd would like to try a Grand Prix series for 2013 with the goal of encouraging competition and retention of our members. Todd presented a detailed description of the series and scoring. He will keep track of all participants and races.

Winter Wonderland 5k – Saturday, January 26th at England/Idlewild Park in Burlington, KY. There are currently 60 pre-registered participants and we are hoping to get around 100 total on race day. Gina will drop off drinks/food to Ryan S. this week. Gina, Tom, & Todd will bring additional race equipment to the race site.

Labor of Love Valentine’s Day Race – Todd reviewed the V-Day Race status; race to be held on Sunday, February 10th at NKU at 12pm. Todd contacted Promospark to order race shirts and is waiting on approval of a design from NKU athletics dept. 44 participants are currently pre-registered. Todd will need additional volunteers for packet-pickup and race day. The use of finish cards will be eliminated this year and RunScore software will be used.

Heart Mini Marathon – Sunday, March 17th - The Club will reserve two rooms at the Westin for Club members to use on race day. More to follow at next board meeting.

Flying Pig Expo & Marathon – May 3-5th The Club will once again have a booth for the two-day Expo, and Ryan S. will contact the Pig to see if we can locate a booth next to Buckeye Running Co. The application forms were sent in by Gina for Partner Charity as well as Waterstop at Mile 22.

Group Runs:  Nothing new to report.

Miscellaneous:  Gina will renew the Club’s P.O. Box by the end of this month.

Next Board Meeting: TBD; Gina will send out an email in the next week or two to discuss board members’ availability.

Meeting was adjourned at 10:50 AM.
Submitted by
Gina Meyers, President