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January 7, 2006
(at Ft. Thomas Community Center, Ft. Thomas, KY; prior to Holiday Party)

Members Present: Tom Glasscock, Jeff Hummel, Ed Hunter, Mike Moyer, Kate Rich, Carl Rich, Peter Wayte

Flying Pig Marathon Water Stop: (Sunday, May 7, 2006) The Club will man a water stop at this year's marathon , as we did last year. Peter noted that the Heart Mini-marathon Expo and the hospitality suite after the Mini-marathon previously have provided excellent opportunities to recruit volunteers for the water stop. We should have volunteer forms ready before the Mini-marathon weekend (March 25-26). The Club also will need to provide two or three volunteers to work at a water stop for the Heart Mini-marathon to gain experience in handing out cups of water to runners. For the Flying Pig water stop, we will need a minimum of 40 volunteers. We will be paid the same amount ($600.00) irrespective of the total number of volunteers we recruit as long as we have at least 40. Peter will attend an upcoming (February 28) marathon planning meeting on behalf of the Club and will report relevant information to the Board.

Heart Mini-marathon 29 (5K and 15K, Sunday, March 26, 2006, downtown Cincinnati) Mike will re-contact the Westin this week to see if there has been any change in room or suite availability. If the Westin is still unavailable, he will contact the Millenium as a back-up. The start and finish of this year's race will on Fifth Street near the P&G buildings because of the current Fountain Square reconstruction project. We believe the Westin is the closest hotel to the start and finish areas. The Millenium will be closer to Convention Center area parking lots.

Attracting Volunteers for Future Events: Considering the Club's need for volunteers over the next several months and the difficulty we have had in the past in recruiting volunteers, it was suggested that we make volunteering more attractive by discounting Club membership fees for volunteers. This might be handled by keeping track of which members volunteer for an event and giving those volunteers a rebate (perhaps $5.00) on their membership fee for each event at which they volunteer. This topic will be discussed further at future Board meetings.

Next Club Happy Hour (February 1, 2006, 6:30 p.m.): Runners will meet at Fleet Feet on Kenwood Road, Blue Ash. Refreshments afterward will be at Baxter's nearby. We should recruit volunteers for the Mini-marathon and Flying Pig water stops from among the Happy Hour participants.

Subsequent Happy Hour: Carl suggested holding a subsequent happy hour at Andy's Mediterranean Grill on Gilbert Avenue near Eden Park. A possible date would be Wednesday, March 1.

Newsletter Editor Needed: Amy Purcell recently resigned as newsletter editor due to conflicting activities. We need to find a replacement for Amy.

Next Board Meeting: Sunday, January 29, 2006, 1:00 p.m., at Bob Roncker's Running Spot. A key topic of discussion will be the Valentine's Race. Note the change in time.

Respectfully submitted,
Ed Hunter, Secretary