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January 3, 2012 6:30 PM
Courtyard Marriott, Florence KY

Present: Gina Meyers, Ryan Woolley, Todd Hofacre, Dave Reid

Absent: Laura Wagner, Tom Glasscock

Meeting came to order at 6:35 PM.

Due to personal issues, Chris Higginbotham resigned from the board

Meeting Minutes: November Meeting minutes were approved.

Financial Report: Ryan reported that we have over $17,000 currently in the club’s checking account. One check outstanding. Ryan went over the budget for 2012 and forecast a loss of $4500 for the year due to the loss of the Weight Watchers Walk and a new large time clock for 2012 as the current one is almost 20 years old. The 2012 budget was approved. Gina’s expenses were approved.

Membership: Todd reported that there were 137 members. 2 members joined in the last month and three renewed. Gina was exploring replacing PayPal with a new online registration service.

Newsletter: Articles for the Newsletter are due January 16. Still need a featured runner and a president letter. TJ Lentz was mentioned as a possibility.

Website: Marty was not on hand to discuss the website. One thing that was looked was getting the 2012 races on the website.

Social: Holiday in Lights Run: Went well. About 30 people showed up. We were able to collect about $100 for the YMCA Scholarship fund. One problem was the runners became scattered. Criticisms were the course had too many turns in the beginning, and driving up to O’Bryon’s for the after party. Possibility next year is to rent a couple of rooms in the Westin and start and finish at Fountain Square.


12 Days of Christmas Run - 1/08/12: Due to logistics issues like lack of volunteers and the track itself, 12 days of Christmas will not happen.

RCGC Indoor Distance Track Meet - 1/22/12: Jascia Redwine is managing. She has not heard back from the UC Running Club. It will feature 3 distance events only.

Winter Wonderland 5 Mile: Gina gave an update on the Winter Wonderland 5k run. Currently 3 signed up.

Valentine Day Race: Met with Steve Kruse from NKU in December 19 to go over details. Race was set-up online and is on the club website. Club is responsible for packet pickup, pre race, and finish line.

Leap Day Race: Looking for a location, approximately 2.5 miles. Fernbank Park is a possibility.

Sprint for Special Olympics 03/04/12: Need volunteers for timing only. Mike Smith will handle it.

Heart Mini Marathon 03/18/12: Checklist tags everything. The club team needs to be set up and renting rooms at the hotel.

Flying Pig Expo & Waterstop 5/5/12: Todd turned in the paperwork for charity application and water stop for 2012

Additional Events:

Split the Pot Prediction Run: Todd may be looking to do a split the pot prediction run at the end of March a week after the Heart Mini.

Race Committees: Next meeting is January 9, 2012 at Starbucks in Oakley.

Group Runs: Gina gave an update on the Group Runs. The Thursday run was stopped and may be replaced by speed training in the spring. The Miami Whitewater Run will resume and be done every week weather permitting.

Training Program: Gina may revive the spring version of speed training.

Programs/Seminars: Nothing to report.

RRCA Convention 03/15 - 03/18: Todd has agreed to attend to bring back the information.

Merchandising: Nothing to report


Annual Meeting - The club’s Annual Meeting is in April so the board needs to find people to serve on the board.

Next Board Meeting: Next board meeting is scheduled for Wednesday February 1, 2012 at 6:30 PM at the Courtyard Marriott in Florence KY.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:15 PM.

Todd Hofacre, Secretary,
Runners’ Club of Greater Cincinnati