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January 2, 2006
(at Bob Roncker's Running Spot)

Members Present: Tom Glasscock, Todd Hofacre, Jeff Hummel, Ed Hunter, Mike Moyer, Kate Rich, Peter Wayte

Holiday Party: (Saturday, January 7, 2006, at the Fort Thomas Community Center, same location as last year) Todd sent out post card reminder/invitations to the membership in early December. As of today, we are expecting 32 attendees. We need at least 50 people to break even (i.e., we are paying the caterer for a minimum of 50 people). The cost for registering after January 1, 2006 (or at the door), is $20.00 per person.

Jeff will set up a music system. Nick will bring his speakers, PA system, and several boxes of drinking cups. Kate and Carl will bring beer (1/2 barrel) and two boxes of wine (one red, one white). Ed will bring chips (1 box), pretzels (1 box), and cookies. He also will take photos. Jeff will bring a small coffee maker.

Flying Pig Marathon Water Stop: (Sunday, May 7, 2006) The Board is fully supportive of the Club's manning a water stop at this year's marathon, as we did last year. Peter recently committed the Club to doing so. He noted that like last year, the Club will need to provide two or three volunteers to work at a water stop for the Heart Mini-marathon to gain experience in handing out cups of water to runners. For the Flying Pig water stop, we will need 40 volunteers minimum and will be paid according to the number of volunteers we recruit. If we recruit 40 people, we will be paid $400.00; if we recruit 60 people, we will be paid $600.00. Peter will attend upcoming marathon planning meetings on behalf of the Club and will report relevant information to the Board.

Heart Mini-marathon 29 (5K and 15K, Sunday, March 26, 2006, downtown Cincinnati) Julia contacted the Westin to try to reserve a hospitality suite but was told that the hotel was booked for a convention in town at that time. The Board agreed that Mike should re-contact the Westin this week to see if there has been any change in room or suite availability. If the Westin is still unavailable, Mike will contact the Millenium as a back-up. The start and finish of this year's race will on Fifth Street near the P&G buildings because of the current Fountain Square reconstruction project. We believe the Westin is the closest hotel to the start and finish areas. The Millenium will be closer to Convention Center area parking lots.

Next Board Meeting: Saturday, January 7, 6:00 p.m., at the Fort Thomas Community Center before the Holiday party to discuss additional items.

Respectfully submitted,
Ed Hunter, Secretary