2005 End of Summer Picnic
August 28, 2005

Participants in the 2.5 mile prediction run before the start:
front row, left to right: Tom Glasscock, Bill Imbus, Mike Moyer, Doug Rudisell, Mike Harvey.
back row, left to right: Colleen Kane, Nick Kleiner, Lonnie Smith, John Cressey, Todd Hofacre, Nacy Zadek.
Nick Kleiner, first finisher in the prediction run. Tom Glasscock (rear left) and Mike Moyer not far behind.

Renee Lentz with daughter Tuula (age 15 months) with Mike Harvey. ("Tuula" is spelled correctly; it is a Finnish name.)
Prediction Run winners (left to right): 1st, John Cressey (with his dog Bodie); John was only 1 second off his predicted time; 2nd, Doug Rudisell, 21 seconds off; 3rd, Tom Glasscock, 33 seconds off; tied for 4th, Nick Kleiner and Mike Moyer, each 54 seconds off.

Chef Jeff (Hummel)
Lonnie Smith, last year's prediction run winner, relaxes in the chair he won last year.

Nick and Stephanie Kleiner
Michelle and Bill Imbus

Amy Hummel and some future runners.

  Results for the 2.5 mile prediction run
1. John Cressey 1 second off his predicted time.
2. Doug Rudisell 21 seconds off
3. Tom Glasscock 33 seconds off
4 (tie) Nick Kleiner, Mike Moyer 54 seconds off
6 Nancy Zadek 1:06 off
7. Todd Hofacre 1:10 off
8. Colleen Kane 1:30 off
9. Mike Harvey 2:00 off
10. Lonnie Smith 2:06 off
11. Bill Imbus 3:11 off

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